Our one year birthday! A look at our favorite geek DIY projects

Our Nerd Home - Favorite geek DIY projectsWell, apparently in the midst of rental-house-hunting, moving, movie-making, jobs, and just life, we missed our 1-year blog birthday! Blogiversary! We’re planning some giveaways and new geek DIY projects to celebrate (once we’re unpacked from our move), but in the meantime, we wanted to share a look back at some of our favorite posts from the past year.

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Geek Stained Glass (Other People’s Nerd Homes)

Geek Stained Glass - Lord of the Rings

We just saw this amazing White Tree of Gondor stained glass door featured over on Nerd Approved.
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Last Minute Party? Make a Quick DIY Geek Ice Bucket

DIY Ice Bucket

After we posted about how we are moving soon, AND posted about our favorite board games, some of our friends suggested (demanded) they come over for a potential “last hurrah” at our current house to play some games and have an impromptu summer barbecue.

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The 29 Best Board Games for Geeks

Best board games for geeksWe talk a lot about our love of videogames (Claptrap trash can, anyone?), but it’s no secret that we also waste spend far too much time playing board games/tabletop games as well. If you’re looking to waste time beat summer boredom, here are some of our must-haves board games for geeks! Continue reading

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You (We) Really Need this Borg Cube Fridge

Star Trek Borg Mini Fridge

How could we not write a quick post about this Star Trek Borg Cube fridge? Continue reading

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DIY Wall Mounted Zombie Head

DIY Wall Mounted Zombie Head Plaque

This month had a mega Walking Dead marathon on AMC, plus we finally caught up on the  WD comic books, AND we’re celebrating the success of our zombie-themed Kickstarter project, AND (sorry, a lot of ands) we just like zombies. That said, here’s a really easy-to-make DIY zombie head plaque, pop art zombie style. Continue reading

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DIY Doctor Who Blinds (Other People’s Nerd Homes)

DIY Doctor Who Gallifreyan Blinds

We are in love with these DIY Doctor Who-inspired Gallifreyan blinds.  Continue reading

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Our first video tutorial!


We mentioned a few days ago that we were going to start doing a few video tutorials – and here’s the first!  Continue reading

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DIY Portal Lemon-Ade Wall Display (Other People’s Nerd Homes)

DIY Portal Combustible Lemon

Inspired by one of the best speeches in videogame history (<3 Portal 2), our blogger-friend RaChil from The Cwafty Blog made this awesome DIY Portal wall display/shelf.  Continue reading

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DIY Geek Dishes (LOTR, Star Wars, Zelda, more)

DIY Geek Dishes tutorial

Originally we were going to make a few DIY geek dishes, using only geeky maps (you know… Middle Earth map, a map of Hyrule, Westeros…) but then decided we needed a whole set of geek dishes, since they were so easy and fast to make.

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