ICYMI: Interview on Your Friend Elle

Our Nerd Home interview featured on Your Friend Elle

In case you missed it, our new friend Elle (better known as Your Friend Elle) posted an interview with us this week!  Continue reading

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DIY Polaroid Geek Coasters

DIY Geek Coasters / Polaroid Coasters

We had never even considered the need for coasters before, but after picking up a cool midcentury desk at an estate sale not too long ago – which has the type of veneer top known for bubbling – we decided to do the grown up thing and use coasters. But of course we made some of the geek variety, inspired by classic polaroid photos. Continue reading

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Interested in being a contributor on Our Nerd Home?

We’re considering hiring a contributor or two, to write geek stuff for Our Nerd Home! We’ll of course still be doing our regular original DIY tutorials, but want to invite friends with similar voices and styles to occasionally contribute… Continue reading

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Happy New Year! Top 7 Geek DIY Posts of 2014

Happy New Year, from Our Nerd Home

Happy New Year!! We’re pretty excited about 2015, both in our “real” lives, and in our blog world. Exciting things to come! We want to say thank you to everyone who has stopped by this past year, and share what you turned into our top 7 most popular geek DIY posts of 2014. Continue reading

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DIY Batman Wreath (and other geeky holiday decor)

DIY Batman Wreath - Our Nerd Home

We kept seeing a picture floating around the interwebs, of a Batman holiday wreath. Ends up it was just a t-shirt, dying to be made into a real life DIY Batman wreath. So we did that…

Continue reading

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Geek Gift Ideas, Chapter Three! Comic Book gifts, everything else

Geeky Gifts: Comic book gifts, LEGO gift ideas, moreOur final chapter in our geek gift buying guide! Gifts for comic book fans, LEGO lovers, horror/film fanatics, and a little bit of everything else.  Continue reading

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Geek Gifts Chapter Two: Doctor Who, LOTR, Harry Potter

Geek Gift Ideas: Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones gifts

Welcome to Part Two of our massive guide to geeky gifts (sorry we had to split it up – it was too big for one post!). In this edition, we have Doctor Who gifts, Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit, Harry Potter, and gifts for Game of Thrones fans. Continue reading

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Geek Gifts! Chapter One: Star Trek, Star Wars, Gaming

Geek Gifts: Star Wars gifts, Star Trek Gifts, Legend of Zelda gifts, gamer gifts

Here is Chapter One in what is growing into our massive guide to geek gifts! We’re starting with our biggest obsessions, featuring Star Wars gifts, Star Trek gifts, gifts for gamers / videogame gifts, and Dungeons and Dragons gifts . Our own DIY geek gifts will also be popping up on the blog in the next couple of weeks. Continue reading

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Holiday Guide to Geek Gifts: V1.0

Geek Gifts: Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, Zelda, and more

We’re bringing it back! Our big list of geek gifts was one of our most popular posts of the past year, and most of the items are still available, and might make the perfect gift for your favorite geek. Since we’re working on several more geek gift guides, we’ll call this one Version 1.0, to kick off our holiday shopping series! Continue reading

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Giveaway! Win a free t-shirt from Dork Tees

Free Geeky Shirt Giveaway

T-shirts. We love ‘em, you love ‘em, and you can enter here to win a FREE shirt (of your choosing!) from Dork Tees. Continue reading

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