Geek Decor – 17 Geeky Area Rugs

17 Best Geeky Area Rugs

Last week we posted our newest DIY geek rug. If you’re more into the idea of buying vs DIY’ing, we also want to share a few of our favorite ready-made geeky area rugs with you. Allons-y!

We’re kind of obsessed with area rugs right now. We’re going with a bohemian layered-rug look on our back porch area (mainly because for some reason our large back patio is painted orangey brick red, and we rent so can’t change that), and it got us into this search to find cool geeky rugs. We DIY’d a couple – but ain’t nobody got time to do that over and over again. Here are a few of our favorite ready-to-buy geeky area rugs…

Star Trek Rug by Sally Diamonds. We heart this pattern, which you may have noticed. This is probably #1 on our geek rug wishlist.

Star Trek area rug

Batman area rug by Robotic Ewe. Yeah. This is amazing. Check out other work by the same artist while you’re there, and be impressed.

Batman area rug

Borderlands 2 rug by Art of the Peach. Wha whaaat?? Love how it’s rather abstract – so only your gamer friends will know. But look at Claptrap!

Geeky area rugs - Borderlands rug

Han Solo in Carbonite RUG. That’s right. This is a rug. Sounds like from the comments that a lot of people hang it on their walls instead. Either way = awesome. Plus, it would match our Han Solo cabinet pulls!

Han Solo rug

Zelda Triforce rug by DivinciArt. Would love this for our office.

Legend of Zelda rug

Critical Hit D20 rug. Also comes in doormat size!

Geeky rugs - D20 area rug

Star Trek Insignia Rug by John Nance.

Star Trek area rug

Wampa Rug. Also, why not make a wall mounted Wampa head to go with it?

Wampa Rug

TETRIS rug. Alright, this one is a little pricier than the rest, but nothing about it feels like a “novelty geek rug” or anything like that – so if you want to feel like a real life grown up, but have a little bit of subtle geek decor, this is pretty awesome. And beautiful.

Geeky rugs - Tetris rug

Portal 2 Companion Cube rug. It will never threaten to stab you. We also have a quick DIY companion cube lamp, if that’s your thing.

Portal area rug

Big Lebowski rug! Also, classy.

Big Lebowski area rug

Harry Potter rug. Design by Ariel Wilson. And another pattern we cannot get enough of. Can someone please make this into wallpaper?

Harry Potter rug

Dice pattern rug by MandaMalice.

Geeky area rug

Geek Chic” glasses rug by Michelle Drew.

Geek chic area rug

Galaxy area rug. Actual image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. Much space. Such awe. Wow.

Galaxy area rug

BANG rug by Gary Grayson. Show off your love for comics, ’66 Batman, pop art, or just awesomeness.

Comic book area rug

Batman rug. That is all.

Batman area rug

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    These are fantastic! I went the quasi geeky route with a pixelated flower rug for our living room. But I would love the Han Solo one for our kitchen!

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