DIY Legend of Zelda 8-bit Fire in our Fireplace (total cost: $2!)

DIY 8-bit fire

I know I keep promising more DIY projects, so here is one we JUST finished.

It is an 8-bit fire made entirely of paint chips (you know, the free paint-colored squares from Lowe’s/Home Depot. We had a bunch lying around from when we painted our doors, and didn’t want to throw them away), some glue sticks, and a cheap black poster board or foam board. The total cost for the project was $2 and change, since we already had the glue.

Making an 8-bit Fire Making an 8-bit Fireplace

We used and highly recommend a square hole punch (easily found at Joann or Michaels). We had one already (from previous 8-bit / 16-bit projects), but if you don’t, just grab some scissors and cut squares. A lot of them.

Videogame Fire
We used a screencap of the “It’s Dangerous to go Alone! Take this” fire from Legend of Zelda (Random trivia: Link to the Past is Kat’s favorite game of all time).

Cut the poster board or foam board to the size of your fireplace, and mark the center with a pencil. You’ll work your way out from the bottom row center, just following the pattern of the squares in your inspiration picture. First we laid out all of the squares WITHOUT glue, to make sure it would work and that we had enough.

Faux Fire Ideas Legend of Zelda Fire Draft

Now start gluing! We used cheap glue sticks that we had laying around (3 of them).

DIY 8-bit fire How to make 8-bit fire

After about half an hour… DONE!

8-bit Fire DIYHere it is in our “fireplace”.

DIY 8-bit fire

We also tried it with a log (and our dogs) in front of the fire, to see how that worked. What do you think of the log? Too much?

DIY 8-Bit Fire

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41 Responses to DIY Legend of Zelda 8-bit Fire in our Fireplace (total cost: $2!)

  1. Mamama' says:

    Wow, I LOVE THIS! I’m going to buy a square hole punch today….ah, the ideas are flowing!

  2. That is so freakin’ cute! :)

  3. Leslie says:

    Hilarious! Love it!

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  5. kimc says:

    I love this. I totally had it in my mind to do something with our gas fireplace we never use but don’t want to remove *just incase*. I was thinking a piece of ply with chalkboard, but we already have a couple chalkboard surfaces in the house for the kids. This is an even better alternative!

  6. Miranda says:

    This is so awesome! I have a fireplace that I will never use, and that also totally creeps me out. This is the perfect solution!

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  8. This is great! We’re lucky enough to have two fireplaces, but that means we never use one of them. It currently has a large framed picture in front of it to keep the cats from crawling in. Love the idea of doing this instead!
    Just found your blog this morning, btw, and I already feel like I’m going to love everything you do. Can’t wait to see what you have coming up!

  9. That’s awesome. I’ve got a little Minecrafter that would love something like that in his room!

  10. Rachel says:

    That is sooooo fabulous. I love it! And I would LOVE to link to your project if you didn’t mind.

  11. Chris says:

    This brilliant. Although, I can’t help but be distracted by the awesome meditating cat above the Bowie print. Amazing.

  12. Martha says:

    I love this! A craft I can do with my son. He would totally be into this project.
    Thanks for the great idea.

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  14. Michele T says:

    I quilt and this would be an awesome design to make for a quilt!! Thanks for sharing ;-)

  15. Abra says:

    Did you use four colors? Which ones? Also, did you use a yardstick so the lines would be straight?

    • ournerdhome says:

      Hi Abra,

      We actually used at least 10 colors. We went with paint chips that we had on hand, so there are a lot of different variations of red and orange there (though they are all VERY similar, to the point that you can’t really tell a difference unless you are inches away). Really any shades of red/orange/white would work. We did not use a yardstick, we just marked the center of the bottom row with a ruler and worked our way up from there. Since the squares were all identical (we used a square punch), it stayed even the whole way up.

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  21. Lori says:

    I LOVE this diy! I have a fireplace in my apartment but we never really use it… This would make it look really awesome! Great tutorial

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  26. This is amazing and so effective! I would love to add some 8-bit to my home. Thanks for the inspiration.

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