Book Nerd Bedroom Inspiration – Book and Bed Hostel

Library hotel Tokyo

Apartment Therapy just tipped us off to this pretty amazing sounding hostel in Tokyo – but it might also provide fantastic nerd bedroom inspiration (if you’ve ever wanted to live in a library, this is for you!).

We love libraries, bookstores and comic book stores. You probably do too. The Book and Bed hostel in Tokyo just opened, and calls itself an “accommodation bookshop”. Which means it’s a library type bookshop that you can just go ahead and sleep in. Just don’t expect to get TOO comfy, because they say they don’t have especially plush mattresses or pillows… the beds are essentially a giant padded bookshelf. The idea being that you can read your favorite book or comic book (they stock both!) until you can’t stay awake anymore, then you can sleep within a nook on the shelves. Is it crazy that we kind of love that?

Library themed hotel

You’re probably not sold on the whole “no comfy mattress” policy (though the photos of the beds definitely don’t look too bad), BUT regardless this seems like great inspiration for our dream nerd home. Imagine turning your bedroom into a library housing your entire book and comic collection, with your bed hidden behind the shelves. Yes?

Geek Bedroom decor inspiration

It looks like rates at the Book and Bed start at around $30 US to stay overnight, or around $13 US to nap during the day (if we’re understanding their policies correctly). Free wifi, shared bathrooms. We’re hoping to do a trip to Japan next year or so, and this is now on our list of geek travel places to check out.

What do you think? Could you see turning your bedroom into a library?


  1. Jennie Lee says

    Considering the fact that my bedroom is between my library room (books) and my comics room, I’d say I’m almost sleeping in my library already. And when I’ve finished my reading nook in my comics room, there’ll be a 30″ x 45″ place to curl up with the X-Men there as well. (Yes, that project is slowly progressing. I’m picking up the frame for my 35-year-old Star Wars poster tomorrow.) I was planning on using the same “wrap it like a package” idea for the cushion that you used in your ST pet bed. What is this “fabric friendly” tape? By the way, the Japanese use beautiful cloth squares to wrap their gifts, instead of paper. I see no reason you couldn’t make nerdy furoshiki (the name for the cloths). If you google “furoshiki”, you’ll find videos showing how to do it. Keep on Trekkin’ !

What do you think?