NEED: Look at this Borderlands Claptrap lamp!

DIY Claptrap Lamp by darkesolace

File this under Other People’s Nerd Homes. Or file under “omigod I wish we could make this” – or more accurately, I wish someone would make one for us. 

(Photos by DarkeSolace)

Looking through this Borderlands tumblr, we ran across THIS post. Which led to THIS Deviantart post. Which led to an audible gasp at the amazingness of this stained glass Claptrap lamp. We have a DIY Claptrap of our own (remember?? Wub wub wub), but now we feel like he needs this guy to be his minion friend. And provide ambient lighting, of course.

DIY Claptrap lamp by darkesolace on deviantart

Anyway, go to the DeviantArt page, where the builder/artist/(geek decor sorcerer?)  DarkeSolace has more info and additional pics. Also check out his TARDIS lamp and Portal companion cube lamp, while you’re there. Impressive (if you’re a Borderlands 2 player, imagine that in Zer0’s voice).

Since we’re posting so many links – this song! (You got a good lookin’ mainframe…). And maybe go say hi to our DIY Claptrap trashcan. So lonely.



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