You (We) Really Need this Borg Cube Fridge

Star Trek Borg Mini Fridge

How could we not write a quick post about this Star Trek Borg Cube fridge?

We talked before about how to Star Trek your kitchen. And we’ve talked before about our favorite geeky refrigerator. Well, take a gander at THIS:

Star Trek Refrigerator

Yes please, Borg Cube fridge. New from and exclusive to ThinkGeek, you can store your Diet Coke collective in what is likely the best mini fridge of all time.

This guy is a little on the pricey side – but if you’re looking to spend closer to the $25 range and still want to chill your drinks Borg style, there are these Borg ice cube thingies (STEEL ice cubes).

Star Trek Ice Cubes

How cool are these? You can take your drink out of your small Borg Cube, then keep the drink cold with these… even smaller Borg Cubes. It’s like Borg-ception.

Star Trek Whiskey Stones

In other news, we’ve been a bit quiet on the Our-Nerd-Home-front lately because we’re MOVING. No, not moving websites, but physically moving. Our cute little rental home is being sold, so we’re spending most of our free time looking for a new one. Once that’s done (hopefully in the next couple of weeks) get ready for A LOT more geek DIY projects, as we nerd up our new place.


  1. Haley says

    Ooooo… the Borgy goodness! Hope all goes well with your move. I know how much of a pain moving is, I’ve done it twice in a year.

  2. says

    The cube fridge is sooo cool! i haven’t tried steel ice cubes before… for some reason they just seem weird to me to put in a drink.. but i bet they work wonderful at keeping your drink cool! 😉

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