Labyrinth door knocker!

DIY Labyrinth Door Knocker

Check out this awesome DIY Labyrinth door knocker, posted on Craftster! It was made by the very talented CHughes (take a look at her Pinterest for tons of geek crafts that she has made).

This is definitely on our to-do list now, since we are in need of a door knocker. It is made from a wood block, polymer clay, aluminum foil, and paint.

The easiest, cheapest built-in bookcase (move over IKEA!).

When we needed ways to display/store A LOT of stuff in our new home, we assessed our previous storage pieces – two medium IKEA Expedit shelving units and 2 IKEA Kilby bookcases. They were mismatched and pretty beat-up, but between them they could hold hundreds of Transformers, Star Trek figures, LEGO minifigures, graphic novels, books, and random other bits of geekery.

Despite our old shelves being functional enough, we wanted something more streamlined. After painting our new living room walls a light grey, we began work on a “built-in” bookcase. We’ve never done anything like this before, but it was surprisingly easy, cheap, and quick. The entire thing was assembled, attached to the wall, and painted (white to match the crown moulding, with a couple of yellow accent areas) within a few hours. Continue Reading…

Quick Before/After: Curbside Wooden Armchair

Pantone Lime Green Monochrome Midcentury Regency Chair

While we were walking our dogs recently, we saw a broken and filthy chair sitting next to a neighbor’s trashcan. We both slowed down and stared at it as we walked by, but neither of us said anything. I mean… it was pretty gross – covered in spiderwebs and dirt, broken seat, sun damage, probably some dog pee on the legs… The next day when we walked by again, we instinctively both beelined straight for the chair. Continue Reading…

19 Awesomely Nerdy Fabrics

Star Trek Badge FabricWe currently have a handful of reuholstery projects stacking up in the garage (posts on those coming soon!), and have been scouring the internet to find the best geek fabrics. We found so many that we like, we might end up using all of them to make the nerdiest quilt around.

Here are our 19 current favorites, in no particular order:


Continue Reading…