Really Easy Shelves to Display Records (spoiler: it’s crown moulding)

Nerdy Home Decor - DIY Record Shelves
I’ve hauled a collection of records from our home state of Michigan, to Chicago, then across the country to Los Angeles. And I have NO idea how in all these years I have never had an easy, cheap way to display a few.

Yeah, I’ve tried record frames, but was not in love with them (plus they tend to run $10 a pop, which is kind of steep for a basic 12×12 frame), and they make it difficult to constantly rotate which records we want to display. Walking around Lowe’s a couple of weeks ago, we grabbed some shallow decorative moulding, thinking we might use it to hold some LEGO minifigures. Instead, this came about:

Geek Home Decor - Crown Moulding LP Record Shelves
What do you think? We cut the sides on a slight angle to dress them up a bit, and put a thin line of silicone caulk on the “shelf” part, to give some grip for the records. You could instead try double sided tape or rug grip tape. The moulding is just hung with basic finishing nails, covered with a tiny dab of white acrylic paint to hide the nail head. We might eventually paint them some “hey-look-at-me!” color, but for now we wanted the records to stand out more.

I’d love to also point out the badass record player cabinet that we found on the side of the road! It was in BAD shape back then (no back, one side falling off, nothing inside working or fixable, scratched up and filthy… just bad). Our awesome roommate/best friend Corey re-did the entire thing, sanding, staining, patching, sealing the outside and completely gutting the interior.DIY Record Shelves

He had to patch and re-attach the legs, which were barely hanging on when we found it. After pulling out all of the non-working guts (there were no speakers, just the remnants of a record player and a radio missing most of the parts), he built in a box to hold some of our most often played records. (Yes, Conan the Barbarian soundtrack. Don’t judge. It’s the best record ever for D&D night.)

Record Player Re-Do

For some reason, no standard record player would fit correctly in the cabinet (or “Space Age Stereo” as the sticker says), but Corey managed to find a small portable turntable¬†on sale on Amazon that works/fits perfectly. Plus it has a cassette player, so there’s that.

ION Record Player

The turntable is plugged into USB powered speakers, which are mounted underneath the cabinet. We thought the record shelves would make a nice little crown for the record cabinet.


  1. hella says

    That console… I’m so flippin’ envious, I can hardly stand it. ‘Tis a magnificent side of the road find! I have not had any luck at thrift stores or craigslist. I’ve almost certainly given up and will attempt to craft one myself due to that fact. (There’s a faux-MSM “Draper Media Console” sold by Urban Outfitters for $250… Puh-Leeez).

    • says

      It’s funny, we were actually leaving a yard sale that advertised “Lots of mid century furniture”, but it ended up being a total bust (the closest thing to midcentury style there was an IKEA Lack table selling for twice retail). BUT, as we were leaving we took a wrong turn and ended up finding this console on a dead end street surrounded by piles of trash. One of the luckiest finds we’ve had!

      If you do end up making one, we would LOVE to see a picture of it!

  2. Elizabeth Cochran says

    Wow! This is the DIY I have been seeking! Love the story about the record player restore. Way to go, Corey! Love this and thanks for sharing this album ledge solution. Elizabeth in ABQ


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