Everyone should have a DIY Death Star Globe

Star Wars home decor: DIY Death Star Globes

Does anyone else think of a Death Star every time they see a globe? We do. And it looks like we’re not alone.

File this under Other-People’s-Nerd-Homes. Or maybe several-other-people’s-nerd-homes (is that the correct use of apostrophe?). Want to make your own? You’ve got options (and if you don’t need a Death Star globe, there’s always the Death Star disco ball).

DIY Death Star Globe

The Death Star globe above is from Hydrangea Girl. She wrote an easy-to-follow tutorial on her blog, which is a new must-read website for us. Check out her other DIY’s while you’re there.

Continuing down the wormhole, the DIY Death Star globe that inspired Hydrangea Girl’s globe is this one:

Death Star Globe

A chalkboard Death Star globe?! Yes please. This one comes from In My Wheele House. Also, that chalkboard wall behind the globe gets a +1.

If you’re feeling a little more… levitationy? This is probably the Death Star globe you want to make:

Star Wars Home Decor: DIY Death Star Globe

Model/prop maker extraordinaire Backwards Lamb Props posted a full tutorial on his blog, detailing how to make your own LEVITATING, light-up Death Star globe.

If you follow us on Instagram or Tumblr, you might have seen our own take on the Death Star globe last month (here, here, respectively). Our roommate (and Our Nerd Home’s occasional silent contributor) Corey whipped this guy up in under an hour. Sorry, we don’t have a tutorial to add – he just did it out of boredom and the presence of an abundance of thrift store globes in our garage, not expecting us to put it on the blog. He did it with two shades of cheap acrylic craft paint, painters tape, and a Sharpie.

Geek Home Decor: Star Wars Death Star Globe DIY

What do you think? Is a Death Star globe a must-have geek home decor accessory? Who would win in a fight – the Death Star Globe, or the Death Star Disco Ball?


  1. ejensen says

    Wow, very cool. I don’t think I can look at a globe and *not* see the Death Star now! Thanks for sharing.

  2. says

    Yay!! My globe made the cut! Funnily enough, my chalk globe has been graffiti’d with “it’s a trap!” on the back. A little something I noticed after friends stayed the weekend on their way across the country. I think it adds a sense of humour to it.


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