Death Star Waffle Maker Brownies

Death Star Waffle Maker Brownies

BROWNIES! Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker Brownies, to be exact. Made in three minutes. We feel like that might warrant reiteration: you are three minutes away from brownies, right now.

ThinkGeek has our <3’s. And they just sent us this Death Star Waffle Maker – and if that token of love was meant as some sort of marriage proposal, we accept, ThinkGeek. We accept. …Anyway.

Of course we like waffles, who doesn’t? But you know what we like more? BROWNIES. We thought we came up with a brilliant waffle-brownie idea, before we realized that many, many, many have had that idea before. So we took to the internetz to find a recipe.

Here’s the waffle maker:

Star Wars Waffles

Here’s the recipe: Go to store. Buy box of brownie mix (we went with some kind of double dark chocolate deliciousness, which had chocolate chips in the mix). Whatever the directions on the box tell you to do, do it. BUT THEN: add one extra egg. Apparently the extra egg is important, when you’re making brownies in a waffle maker. Our mix called for water/oil/1 egg, so we did 2 eggs total instead. Pour mix into waffle maker, close.

Oooooh. Gooooey. The chunks are the chocolate chips.

Star Wars Death Star Waffles - Waffle Brownies

Wait three minutes. Your kitchen will smell stupid good. But you still have to wait those three excruciating minutes. We both stared at it the whole time, like Cookie Monster having Siri count down to cookie time.

After three minutes, we turned it off/opened it up, let it cool a minute, then carefully flipped the Death Star waffle maker brownies onto a plate, threw down some ice cream and berries (fruit makes brownies healthy, right?), and called it a complete balanced breakfast.

Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker Brownies

We didn’t JUST make brownies though. As an experiment, we ended up making an entire meal with this waffle maker (appetizer, main dish, two desserts… we know what our priorities are) – but that’ll be a blog post for a different day. If you want a teaser, we posted a Death Star cheese quesadilla on our Instagram. 🙂

Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker Brownies - Our Nerd Home

Happy Star Wars Day! Are you doing anything to celebrate?

(We should note that ThinkGeek sent us this sweet waffle maker for free, but you can buy your very own right here.)


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    Yum! That looks so amazing! I wish I could get one of those waffle makers, but Think Geek won’t ship it to Australia ; ____ ; I shall just have to live vicariously through your photos instead!

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