We Made a Super Easy DIY Disco Death Star

DIY Death Star Disco Ball - Geeky Home Decor - Nerd Crafts

Do you love Star Wars, shiny things, and have a few hours to spare? Then this one’s for you! A DIY Death Star Disco Ball.

This project was inspired by a really cool Death Star disco ball art print that I saw going around Pinterest.

First off, our version is not REALLY a disco ball, since it’s not mirrored. But this way is far cheaper and easier than using tiny mirrors. We used little square silver sequins, which cost less than $4 for the whole project, and a medium sized styrofoam ball (also under $5). We just used cheap white glue that we had on-hand.

Nerdy Home Decor - DIY Star Wars Death Star Disco Ball  Nerdy Home Decor - Geeky Crafts - DIY Star Wars Disco Death Star

We painted the ball gray with acrylic craft paint, gouged the cannon hole out with a spoon, then settled in for a few hours of gluing. We started in the middle, after drawing an equator around moon – er, Death Star. We took turns, and in total it took the time it took us to watch the entire original Star Wars trilogy. We did take a lot of breaks though. So while this is a super easy DIY project, it’s not exactly quick.

Oh! While I was writing this post, roommate extraordinaire Corey came in with this shadow box that he built for the happy shiny Death Star disco ball. So here’s that:

Disco Death Star DIY

Pretty cool, right? Baroque Disco Death Star?

Geek Home Decor - Nerdy Crafts - DIY Disco Ball Death Star

We’re also thinking about making a bunch of mini Death Star’s for holiday ornaments this year. Cause nothing says Christmas like a superlaser-armed battlestation?

Check back for more geeky home decor DIY projects!

– Kat

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21 Responses to We Made a Super Easy DIY Disco Death Star

  1. bri doyle says:

    I think I love you guys…

  2. Amber E. says:

    I’m sitting here like :O because THIS is the best thing I’ve seen in a while and that shadow box completes the all.. the everything. I’m looking to erase my mind of chevron and you are most definitely helping.

  3. Lisa says:

    Oh my gosh, this is so excellent! I made some 2-D Death Star ornaments for our tree last year, but your idea is just so much more epic!! I’m definitely going to have to try this ^__^

  4. Sabine says:

    Your DIYs are sooo cool. I always have to smile, when I see them. And this is a good one too. So cool! ;)

  5. Whitney says:

    This looks great! But how did you attach the string onto it?

    • ournerdhome says:

      Thank you! To attach the string, we wrapped thread (we would have used fishing line, but couldn’t find any) around a nail, put some glue on the nail, and shoved it into the top of the Death Star. I’m sure there’s a better way to do it, but that’s all we could come up with on the fly!

  6. pamela says:

    This is so cool! Where did you find square sequins? I would love to make some Christmas ornaments.

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  9. Holly says:

    I love this, and am thinking of making it for my son’s room. The shadow box really takes it to the next level. Any tips for making something similar?

    • ournerdhome says:

      Thanks, Holly! Our version of the shadow box is made with cardboard, glue, duct tape, and black paint, fitted inside of a thrifted frame. It is just meant to sit on a shelf though, since the cardboard isn’t really sturdy enough to hang on a wall. If you plan on hanging, I would do it with hobby board or thick foam board instead. Corey built the box to fit the inner dimensions of the frame and glued it together, adding a little duct taping for extra stability. He painted inside and out with black paint, and splattered some white paint on it as “stars”. Then he glued the box into the frame opening, adding a couple of small finishing nails to help hold it in place. At first we hung the Death Star into it by a thread duct taped to the top, but we’ve since updated that and put a long nail through the back of the shadow box, then stuck the Death Star onto the nail (we wanted to go string-less!). We’re planning on making another one of these as a gift, so as soon as we do I’ll take photos of the shadow box building process and write a post about it!

  10. Ha! This is absolutely genius and so much fun. Wondering if I have the patience to make a good handful of little ones for my nephews’ geek chic Christmas tree :)

  11. RaCh says:

    This is the definition of geek-chic. Your whole website makes me smile and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  12. Lea Lane-Crea says:

    I am I the middle of making my own and my cannon “hole” looks terrible. How did you get yours so perfectly round with a spoon? Also, did you use a bigger sequin in the middle of the cannon?

    • ournerdhome says:

      Hi Lea! We first drew the circle on, then carved the hole out in a couple of layers. We did use the cheapest styrofoam ball we could find (it was under $3, with a coupon), so maybe that had something to do with it cutting away so easily?
      And yep, we did put a bigger round sequin in the middle, after the fact. We liked it without it as well, but then remembered that we had a little packet of the big round ones, so stuck it on. We also thought about just putting a round piece of paper there, painted grey.

  13. Lea Crea says:

    Ok, thanks! Next time I will try scooping in layers. I bet that makes a difference. You guys have very cool DIYs, thank you so much for sharing them! Happy Holidays

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  15. Britt says:

    Thank you so much for this inspiration! I took on the challenge of making this Death Star for my son’s Star Wars-themed 4th birthday party and it was a huge hit! Definitely time consuming, but totally worth it. We used it as a topper for the cupcake stand holding his Darth Vader and Stormtrooper cupcakes. It was classic! Now we will put it in his bedroom!

  16. Shawna says:

    I’m thinking this project + the globe project would pair nicely

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