Make this: DIY Batman Garland

DIY Batman Garland

If you want a VERY easy last minute geek Halloween decoration for your festivities this weekend, here you go! Our DIY Batman garland.

We talked about this Batman garland in our Halloween house tour post, but thought it deserved it’s own post since quite a few of our friends have said it’s their favorite part of our geek Halloween decor.

We were inspired by the idea from Trinity Comics, which we previously featured when we made our DIY geek pillows (the Batman pillow uses the same template).

We used a thick poster board for the bats – we know a lot of people use construction paper and fold it in half to make the cutting quicker, but we liked the idea of a more solid piece, without a bend. Totally up to you.

DIY Batman bunting or holiday garland

We printed and cut out the template, then put it onto the poster board and traced it with chalk. And traced, and traced, and traced some more. You could use light colored pencil instead, which would probably be less messy!

DIY Batman Garland or Batman Bunting

Cutting the Batman shapes out leaves one side ugly and chalky, but the other side nice and crisp and clean.

DIY Batman Garland - Geeky Holiday Decor

We used black washi tape to stick standard fishing line onto each Batman paper logo, but any kind of tape will work (we just went with what was within arms reach. Lazy). You could also use colorful twine or string, if you want to add more contrast.

DIY Batman Garland

We’re going to hang on to our DIY Batman garland until December, then probably spray paint it silver and gold, for a little jumpstart on our geeky holiday decor. 🙂

DIY Batman Garland - Geeky Holiday Decor

What do you think? We kind of don’t want to take it down, so will probably just move it into our hallway until December. Kind of feels like year round geek decor, yes?


What do you think?