DIY Batman Wreath – Spring Edition!

DIY Batman Wreath - Spring Edition!

Nothing says love, flowers, springtime, and Valentine’s Day like… Batman? Sure, why not. Here’s a spring version of our DIY Batman wreath.

We like seasonal projects that we can reuse, and our Holiday DIY Batman Wreath definitely fits the bill! We decided to reuse the Batman wreath form and turn it into some bright spring dark knight happiness. It hangs on our wall where our Batman garland used to be.

Since we already had it all wrapped up in holiday garland stuff, first we took that off, to reveal the plain black cardboard shape (see the original DIY Batman Wreath tutorial for instructions on how we got there).

DIY Batman Wreath

Then we made a quick trip to the local craft store and got a couple of white and purple flower garlands (Amazon has some as well, here) – we didn’t use them in actual “garland” form, we just cut the flower parts off to use individually. We also picked up some crafty wirey twisty tie stuff (as you can probably tell, we’ve never worked with flowers before). If yours doesn’t have a built-in cutter, you’ll need some wire cutters too.

DIY Batman Floral Wreath

DIY Batman Wreath

It’s seriously as easy as just attaching the flowers to the wreath with the metal twisty wire stuff. No glue or anything necessary yet.

DIY Batman Wreath

DIY Batman Wreath - Geek Decor

Here’s what the back looks like:

Geek Decor - Batman Wreath

It was hard to keep the Batman logo detail visible on the lower part of the wreath, so first we just wire-tied the plain leaves from the floral garland on (they’re easier to keep the shape), then we used some basic white craft glue stuff to glue little flowers onto the leaves and fill in empty spots.

DIY Batman Wreath

DIY Batman Wreath

That’s it! If there are any visible holes or wires, just glue a little flower or petal or whatever onto the empty spot.

Spring DIY Batman Wreath - Our Nerd Home

What do you think? We’re thinking this could be a year-round thing, and we just change out the flowers to whatever is seasonal at that time.


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    This is brilliant, and awesome. I have no words to describe it. Perfect match of pretty and cool!

    I am putting together a sort of Easter crafts compilation blog post, with pictures of creative (and maybe just the right amount of crazy) projects for spring. Would you mind if I shared one of your pictures? I will of course credit it to this post. I did the same thing last year if you would like a reference on how it might look:

    Thank you for the inspiration!

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