DIY Doctor Who Blinds (Other People’s Nerd Homes)

DIY Doctor Who Gallifreyan Blinds

We are in love with these DIY Doctor Who-inspired Gallifreyan blinds. 

We have a VERY long project to-do list, and as soon as we saw these blinds from the amazing Kristy at Please Excuse my Craftermath (the blog that got us hooked on Loot Crate!) they jumped up into the top 5. How great are these? We love the subtle geekery – so to people who don’t watch Doctor Who (why are these people in your house?!), they would just think that it’s a cool design.

She provides a tutorial and PDF pattern of the print at her site. This is one of our go-to blogs for geek project tutorials and other geekery.

DIY Doctor Who Gallifreyan

How excited are you for the new season of Doctor Who to start??? We’ll try to make a few Doctor Who projects of our own to celebrate.

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3 Responses to DIY Doctor Who Blinds (Other People’s Nerd Homes)

  1. Jessica says:

    These are nice! Subtle geekery is definitely awesome :)


  2. Kristy gd says:

    Thanks for sharing the project! I love coming here for geek inspired projects, so I’m glad that I can provide the same for you. Let me know for sure if you make you’re own, I’d love to see them!

  3. Amy pond says:

    What does it say in gallifreyean

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