DIY Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs

DIY Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs

Anyone else planning a Game of Thrones party? Here’s a quick, easy project – make some DIY Game of Thrones dragon eggs (they’re full of candy! …and dragons).

This is one of our not-very-explanatory DIY’s. Sorry. But it’s seriously an easy three step process that we did by just looking at this picture of a different Game of Thrones dragon egg that we have, which we used as our inspiration:

Game of Thrones egg plush

The inspiration

Little plastic Easter eggs are all on clearance now (at the time of writing this, it’s a few days after Easter). We had a bunch leftover, after our DIY Super Mario Yoshi eggs, so just used those. These Game of Thrones eggs start out the exact same way, so go check out that tutorial here, for photos and tips. The short of it though is that you just spray paint your eggs with some white spray paint/primer that is meant to stick to plastic. Easy, dries quick.

Now just grab some acrylic craft paint stuff, and paint your newly primed eggs any color you want that feels Game of Thronesy. We made 10 eggs total, in various shades of green, purple, gold. Let the acrylic paint dry for a little while – trust us, if it’s not fully dry you’ll be mad at yourself.

DIY Game of Thrones eggs

The dragon scale pattern is just drawn on with black Sharpie. Preferably nice, new crisp black Sharpies – and be prepared to go through at least a couple of them. We used the pattern from our aforementioned Game of Thrones dragon plush. First try drawing the pattern out on just a piece of paper, to get the hang of it. Again, trust us, ’cause we had a couple of bad eggs by trying to just dive right in. Once you get it down, draw the pattern on your eggs lightly in pencil, THEN go over it in Sharpie. If you want a thicker line like some of ours, just go over it again.

Game of Thrones party ideas - DIY Game of Thrones Dragon Egg

We filled the eggs with candy, and little plastic dragons that we got at Michael’s (they come in a big plastic dragon-filled tube). We had a few treasure type chests lying around, because of course we did, so for our Game of Thrones party we’re going to have some of those around our house, with eggs inside.

Geeky Decor - Game of Thrones Eggs in chest

Pretty simple, right? Warning though – it takes a steady hand to get fairly even dragon scales! We had to use some paint here and there to touch up mistakes. Sorry for the lack of work-in-progress pictures, but we did this whole project in just over an hour (most of that was waiting for paint to dry) between the two of us.

Game of Thrones party ideas - DIY Game of Thrones egg

What do you think? Are you doing anything special to ring in the new season of Game of Thrones?

PS: Speaking of Game of Thrones, check THESE out. Wayfair (c’mon. You know the words to their commercial too, right?) is getting into the GoT spirit, and created a pretty fantastic list of Game of Thrones inspired decor. Check it out here. And if you’re planning a Game of Thrones themed wedding, ForRent put together a cute infogram style GoT wedding tip guide, here.


  1. Amy says

    Where did you find the dragons? I found some but they’re only about 1″, way too small for the standard Easter egg.

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