DIY Geek Decor: Ultimate Fandom Holiday Wreath

DIY Geek Home Decor: Fandom Holiday Wreath

Our geek Christmas season has officially begun! We wanted to celebrate our many nerd fandoms, so started off with this DIY geek holiday wreath.

This is a simple project that packs a lot of visual punch. All it takes is 2 sheets of foam board (or poster board, if you prefer), cardboard, paint/markers, an X-acto knife, and glue. Total cost came to $4 for us (foam board = $2 each on sale at Michael’s), since we already had paint and glue.

Our geek shapes consist of Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, LEGO, Transformers, lots of videogames – we even included Robocop and Breaking Bad. Just whatever you like.

Start by cutting cardboard into a circle and painting it red (or green?). This came from an old box, and is about 24″ outer diameter.

DIY Holiday Wreath

We chose to free-hand draw our geek shapes, but you could instead print out the images you want and glue them to the foam board. For the 8-bit bow, we first drew it on graph paper then cut that out and traced it onto the foam board.

DIY 8-Bit Bow Holiday Wreath

Carefully cut out the shapes using an X-acto knife. If you’re using poster board, you could use scissors instead.

DIY 8-bit Bow Holiday Wreath

Color ’em in! We used a mix of acrylic paint, sharpies, and regular markers. Basically use whatever is on hand.

DIY 8-Bit Holiday Bow DIY Geek Decor - Holiday Wreath

Figure out your ideal placement for the different shapes.

DIY Geek Holiday Wreath

Now glue everything down. We went with hot glue, but if you have a different strong glue you love, go for it.

DIY Geek Decor: Fandom Holiday Wreath

DIY geek holiday wreath, done. Now hang it by a nail or Command strips (it’s VERY lightweight).

DIY Geek Holiday Wreath / 8-bit wreath

 If you live in a place with snow/elements, this is a strictly indoor wreath unless you weather seal/clear coat it. Here in LA it doesn’t seem to mind being outside for the time being. We’re working on a second one for above our 8-bit fireplace now, since we couldn’t quite fit everything we wanted to onto this one. 🙂

Anyone share our fandoms? (we hope so, since you’re here!) What would go on your fandom wreath?


  1. says

    Goodness, I love you guys so much. You never disappoint! What a nice alternative to all that froofy and boring Christmas crap I keep seeing. Now my son and I are brainstorming ideas for our own wreath. Keep up the good work. 😉

  2. says

    Oh my gosh, this is so awesome!! My husband and I definitely share some of your fandoms, but I would have to add in Harry Potter as well (I’m totally obsessed!) ^___^

    • says

      As soon as we were done and stood back to look at it, we realized that we missed a ton of things! Our second one is going to have Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Ghostbusters & Back to the Future (we apparently <3 the 80's), zombies, Final Fantasy, and all of our other favorite things that we somehow left out.

  3. Dellah says

    Heh, I was just asking my boyfriend the other day whether or not we were “wreath on the door people”. If the wreath looks like this, maybe we are! We’ll have to include Space Marines and some d20s on ours. :3 Thanks for the great project idea!

  4. Jenn says

    what a fantastic idea! I love the way you think and the final product you wound up with – Fallout rules!!
    If I had to add something though, I would add some meeples given my love of board games. (D20’s are a great idea too)

  5. says

    Eep!! I found your blog from a pin on pintrest and I looooooove it! I do not have a Christmas wreath (Halloween stuff is on my door) and this have given me ideas!! I am so following your blog!

    PS: I envy you guys for owning that awesome record player cabinet and The Neverending Story soundtrack!

    • says

      Thank you so much! Your blog is very cute (love your kitty ear hat). And we still cannot believe that someone threw that record player cabinet in the trash! One of our favorite finds ever.

  6. says

    I love this DIY so much!!!! I am hoping to make my own around xmas, but I will add in Harry Potter (my favourite fandom), Minecraft, and Star Wars. Keep up the good work <3


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