Last Minute Party? Make a Quick DIY Geek Ice Bucket

DIY Ice Bucket

After we posted about how we are moving soon, AND posted about our favorite board games, some of our friends suggested (demanded) they come over for a potential “last hurrah” at our current house to play some games and have an impromptu summer barbecue.

(the folks at Bud Light Lime sponsored this post. Project and opinions are our own)

It’s HOT here in LA. But we still like holding our gatherings outside, since it’s where we have the most room, in our DIY outdoor dining room. When a few of our friends did the “let’s get together tonight! We can be there in an hour!” thing (which we don’t mind – we kind of like impromptu summer Sunday gatherings), we wanted to put together a VERY quick project to add some geekery to our BBQ, before our friends showed up.

We didn’t have an actual ice bucket, but we DID have a metal planter. You can grab them at any local craft store. And of course we had some comic books. Oh, and we had some decoupage glue (we used an outdoor formula, but you could use regular and add a clear coat type sealer to protect it from elements).

Long story short – and we didn’t take pictures of the step-by-step since this was THAT last minute – we just cut out some pages from duplicate graphic novels/comics we hold on to for crafting, and we decoupaged the pages onto the planter (just follow the instructions that come on the decoupage glue bottle). Since we used full-size comic pages, instead of cutting out little images, this took all of 5 minutes. We let it dry for 10 minutes (normally we let it dry for an hour but… the whole hurrying up thing happened), then we did another coat of the glue on top to seal everything. Bam. 20 minute project.


Before we added the ice we put a heavy duty trash bag into the planter-turned-ice-bucket as a liner, and duct taped it so it didn’t move. Filled it up with ice, and threw in a handful of Bud Light Lime for our friends. The DIY geek ice bucket made for a fun conversation piece, and definitely added some extra “us” to the gathering. You could use any sort of decorative paper instead, to fit your personal style. Also, Bud Light Lime is VERY good – a nice refreshing twist of lime flavor in this serious LA heat. Their current campaign is all about being #upforwhatever, which is exactly what happened to us this weekend:

This summer, Bud Light Lime is bringing you the flavorful, refreshing twist of lime that will keep you ready for spontaneous fun all summer long. And now, the perfect beer for whatever happens invites you to click here to prove that you’re #upforwhatever.


  1. Gigi says

    Grrrrrrrrrreat idea!! Could see whipping one of these up for our comic-book-loving grandsons! Ninjago, anyone??

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