DIY Geek Welcome Mats, Two Ways (Star Trek, Zelda)

Geek Decor: DIY Geeky Welcome MatsWe couldn’t decide between a few different geek welcome mat ideas, so we’re making ’em all.

Well, we’re making four – one for each of the front and back doors, and one for the two garage entrances (weird old house, lots of doors for a tiny place). We started with Star Trek and Legend of Zelda, and will probably have Breaking Bad and some kind of zombie themed door mats coming soon. Or maybe Doctor Who and Portal. Decisions are hard.

To make the first two, we started with ONE large door mat, purchased for $9 or so from IKEA. It seemed HUGE for our small porch, so we cut it in half, which makes it about the size of a standard smaller door mat. Here’s a little collage of the process to make the Star Trek mat.

DIY Star Trek Welcome Mat

Step 1: We printed out a Star Trek emblem. We wanted it big, so printed it across two sheets of paper.

Step 2: We traced the image ontoΒ clear contact paper, thinking it would just easily stick to the mat. Not so. We still had to…
[Step 3] pin it down.

Step 4: Spray paint! Then peel the emblem off. At first we were going to leave it plain like the picture above (subtle geek?), but decided that it needed the full symbol. To make the middle section we just traced that part of the symbol on more contact paper and re-did the steps.

Here it is! This one lives at our back door, since our front door is already red. It’s been there for about a week (if you follow us on Instagram you saw the real-time on when we made it), and so far still looks like new.

DIY Star Trek Welcome Mat

Next up we started the Legend of Zelda welcome mat. We wanted to try a different process here, so instead of spray painting we just used regular acrylic craft paint and a sponge brush. Basically the exact same technique we used on our Legend of Zelda DIY laptop desk. The Triforce stencil is hand-drawn on a piece of cardboard, and cut out.

Geek Decor: DIY Legend of Zelda Welcome Mat

The picture above is after one light coat. We went over it again just to touch up. Super easy.

Geek Decor: DIY Legend of Zelda Welcome Mat

Here it is at the front door. For some reason we could NOT get good pictures of these mats, so will try again at some pointΒ and maybe update the post. πŸ™‚

Geek Decor: DIY Legend of Zelda Welcome Mat

What do you think? Any suggestions on what we should make for the other two geeky welcome mats? TARDIS? Companion cube? Zombies? Tread Lightly? Something else?


  1. Trish says

    If you made Portal, wouldn’t you need to make 2??? Except then you’d never get anything done, what with always falling back and forth between front and back doors. Never mind, just make one to be safe!

  2. says

    My concern is with the spray paint. Is it holding up well? My front porch gets quite a bit of rain & I’m worried that the colour would be tracked through my house. Have you experienced this?

      • says

        Good point. πŸ™‚ The spray paint we used was just a regular Rustoleum, which says for indoors or outdoors, but maybe using specific exterior paint or floor paint will help with longevity.

    • Tamera says

      I altered a door mat a year ago and used acrylic paint and spray paint. While it faded a bit from all the snow we got over the winter months, nothing was tracked into my apartment. Me thinks some new geeky mats may be on the docket for Spring!

    • says

      Hey there. Before we made the mats we did some googling around on spray painted door mats, and found promising results with people saying that they hold up well. For us, they’re definitely looking like new (one week in), but we don’t get any rain or snow here.

  3. says

    I just bought a mat to DIY! How funny, you’re lucky, I couldnt find any plain ones, I went to 3 different stores! These turned out great! I think the star trek one is my favorite

    • says

      Yes! Why are plain mats so hard to find?? We had the exact same issue, which is why we ended up with a huge one cut in half, since that’s the only plain one we came across, haha.
      Looking forward to seeing your DIY mat. πŸ™‚

  4. Josh Sherman says

    These are great! My girlfriend and I are super Star Wars nerds so I was thinking the Rebel/Imperial symbols. Thanks for sharing your idea!!

    • says

      Thanks, Josh! Rebel/Imperial symbols are a great idea – if you end up making some, we’d love to see pics. We had them on our holiday wreath, and have been looking for good uses for them since then.

  5. Chrissa says

    I’m thinking just “Bigger on the inside” in a TARDIS blue. You have *no* idea how many ideas are coming to me thanks to your site! Stoked! Thanks for the ideas!!!


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