DIY Geeky Christmas Projects (Ghosts of Holidays Past)

DIY Geeky Holiday Projects - Our Nerd Home

HOW is it almost Christmas already??? This month flew by. 

We didn’t really make a lot of geeky home stuff this season, since we’ve made a lot of stuff the past couple of years, and it’s all still going strong. We have our DIY Geek Fandom wreath on the wall, our Batman wreath on the door, all of our past geeky Christmas ornaments on the tree (plus Mario Star tree topper!). We might do more D20 gingerbread houses on xmas eve, or figure out something fun to make with our abundance of nerdy ice cube trays. We’ll see. 🙂

Anyway, what we’re getting to: if you’re looking for a last minute project or two to make this week, here are our ghosts of geek holidays past (aka, projects from the last couple of years).

DIY Geek Fandom Wreath

DIY Geek Home Decor: Fandom Holiday Wreath


DIY Batman Wreath

DIY Batman Wreath - Our Nerd Home


Gingerbread D20 (and other gaming dice)

Geeky Gingerbread Houses - Gingerbread D20


Holiday chocolate gaming dice

DIY Geek Gift: Chocolate D20 / Gaming Dice


8bit ornaments

Geek Holiday - DIY 8-bit Ornaments


Disco Death Star (make it as an ornament!)

Geeky Home Decor / Nerd Crafts - DIY Death Star Disco Ball


Batman garland (we’re thinking of throwing together a gold one for the tree!)

DIY Batman Garland


8bit Fireplace to cozy up next to (we have our stockings hung over ours)

Geek DIY Home Decor: DIY 8-bit fire


What about you guys? Doing any fun stuff for the holidays? We’ve been swamped with work lately (we miss you!), and will be catching up on Fallout 4 on our days off…


What do you think?