Our New DIY Headboard! Rustic Wood and 8-Bit Hearts

Geek Decor - 8-Bit DIY Wood Headboard

We are so happy with how this one came out! Cam knew I was wanting a wood DIY headboard, so designed and built this himself (of course adding some geekery for me, with the 8-bit Zelda hearts).

It is mounted directly to our wall (screwed into studs).

Geek Home Decor - Legend of Zelda 8bit Heart Headboard

Another angle, a different day (we are having trouble figuring out how to photograph our bedroom with the best light).

Nerd Home Decor - DIY 8bit Zelda Heart Wood Headboard

The making-of is pretty easy, if you know your way around basic power tools. Cam drew a pattern of the 8-bit Legend of Zelda health heart, then used a jigsaw to cut several hearts out of basic poplar boards. He also cut several more boards to 5′ long (we have a queen size bed) to act as the main headboard. After painting the hearts and staining/sealing the other boards a rustic “Early American“, he attached the hearts to one board with screws. Now just find your wall studs and screw each board in!

The main tricky part that we ran across is that we have a chair rail in our bedroom (our first DIY after we signed the lease – our bedroom went from renters beige to teal and white. We also tore up the carpet and painted the beyond-salvageable hardwood floors white). In order put the headboard over the chair rail, Cam used thin hobby board as the bottom board, staining/sealing it to match the rest of the wood.

Here are some photos of the build:

The total project time was about five hours, not including waiting for paint to dry. The cost for the wood, stain, and paint came to right around $50.



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      Thanks! We used Minwax Wood Finish, the color is Early American. We have been kind of obsessed with it lately and stained all of our shelves and a table this color as well. On the can it looks much lighter, but so far no matter what wood we use, it comes out this warm, rustic shade.

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      It looks like this: http://ournerdhome.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Craft-Board.jpg

      Hobby board is also called Craft board at some stores – we get ours at Joann or Michael’s (because they always have 40-50% off coupons), but you can also pick it up at most Home Depot/Lowes type stores. It is basically a VERY very thin plywood, less than 1/4 inch. It didn’t take the stain *exactly* like the rest of the wood (you can see it in the 3rd photo from top, the very bottom board), but our pillows generally cover it. 🙂

      We just nailed it in with long finishing nails, to not damage our chair rail too much.


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