DIY Lap Desk with Hand-Stamped Legend of Zelda Fabric (DIY Gift Time!)

Geek Gifts: DIY Lap Desk with Hand Stamped Fabric (Legend of Zelda)

Believe it or not, holidays are coming. Another shocker: We like to make gifts for people, and most of our friends are geeks. That said, the time has come for DIY geek gift ideas! We’ll be posting some of our own every week. To our real-life friends reading this: Spoiler – some of these are for you.

Who doesn’t like to work while sitting on the couch? It allows you (us) to binge watch TNG while attempting to be productive. Instead of singeing your pants/no-pants (we won’t judge) with your steamy hot Macbook, use a lap desk. But wait! Don’t buy one from the Target dorm section that looks like a weird plastic cutting board. Make your own DIY lap desk! Then make one for a friend! Look extra awesome by personalizing it with hand-stamped fabric. We went with a Triforce pattern. Because, Legend of Zelda.

Buy/gather this stuff:
Piece of Wood
Wood Stain
Craft / hobby board (you know, the extra thin plywood sheets. They have them at every Michael’s/Joann. This stuff)
Foam (1″-2″. The kind you would buy for a chair cushion)
Solid Fabric (we went with black linen)
Cardstock (or any thick paper you can use for a stencil. Cereal box?)
Fabric Paint
Stippling Sponge brush
Hot Glue Gun
Staple Gun

Pick out a piece of wood and cut it (or have it cut when you buy it at Home Depot/Lowe’s) to the size that you would like the lap desk top to be, then sand the hell out of it. Ours is about 17″x14″. Our friend we made it for has a small Macbook Pro, which fits nicely with a little room to spare.

DIY Lap Desk - DIY Guy Gifts - Geeky Gifts

Stain the wood in the color of your choice, and seal it with polyurethane. We used the same Minwax stain that we used on our DIY headboard.

DIY Hand Stamped Fabric - DIY Painted Fabric - DIY Nerdy Gifts

Time for hand-painted fabric! Make extra and use it for a DIY geeky throw pillow. The stencil is made of cardstock that we had laying around, just hand drawn (with a little help from a ruler) and cut out with an x-acto knife. We used a stippling sponge brush to stamp fabric paint (this one) on in very thin layers.

DIY Nerdy Fabric: Hand Stamped Legend of Zelda Fabric (Geek Gifts)

What kind of cat just randomly walks onto things that you are trying to work on? Oh. Right. Every cat. This is Jack. (Jack Meower. Yeah, like Jack Bauer. Dammit!)

DIY Hand Painted Fabric / Hand Stamped Fabric

Anyway. While your fabric paint dries, cut both the foam and the craft/hobby board to the exact same size – approximately 2″ smaller than the desk top wood. We used a saw for the craft board and an electric carving knife for the foam.

Nerd Home Decor: DIY Lapdesk (DIY geeky gifts / DIY guy gifts)

Place the craft board on the foam, and wrap your hand-stamped fabric around both. Do this as if you’re wrapping a gift, but instead of using tape, staple the fabric directly into the hobby board. Trim access fabric to expose as much of the craft board as you can.

DIY Lap Desk with Hand Stamped Fabric (DIY Gifts for Guys, Geek Gifts)

Nerdy Home Decor: Lapdesk DIY (DIY Lap Desk with Legend of Zelda Fabric)

Hot glue! Put glue on the underside of the desk top, and carefully press the completed padded base onto it (concentrate most of the glue on where the craft board is exposed. Wood+Hot Glue+Wood=better bond). DIY lap desk, done.

Geeky gifts for guys: Lap Desk DIY (nerd home decor)

Geeky Gifts: DIY Lap Desk with Legend of Zelda Fabric

Geek Gifts: DIY Lap Desk with Hand Stamped Fabric (Legend of Zelda)

Geeky Gifts: DIY Lap Desk with Nerdy Fabric

On our otherwise-beyond-repair white painted hardwood bedroom floor.

What do you think of the DIY lap desk? We would love to hear about your DIY gifts or geek home decor projects!


  1. says

    Oh, this is really nice! I think I’d use it when I’m being very classy and eating dinner on the couch! (no judging, ok? ~__^) I can’t wait to see all your DIY gift ideas, I’ve got quite a few people to craft for this year! ^__^

  2. Kathryn says

    This I dig. Cause it’s classy and nerdy all in one. I think I will turn it into throw pillows and use gold paint.

  3. says

    AwesomeNESSSSSS X 1000 plus added bonus as a huge 24 fan the cat’s name did it for me. thank you I will be making this for a friend of mine, he loves Superman and I found Superman fabric at the store. I was originally going to make pillows but this is so much better. You guys are awesome!!!!!

  4. junkyardmonkie says

    Yeah, I wouldn’t use a hot glue gun though at the end. It seems pretty good and sturdy until that last step. Wood glue takes a little longer, but that will not come off. Just use wood glue (it’s cheap and it’s everywhere), put a bunch of heavy stuff on top, wait a day, and your foam will stay right where it is.

  5. Gigi says

    Is there a way to add something to keep it from slipping/sliding down? My laptop sits on top of my fan so it kind of tilts downwards if that makes sense.

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