6 Favorite DIY Projects for the Week

DIY Projects
Since we started blogging (and spending more time online), we’ve been running across more and more DIY projects that we want to try. Here are a few favorites from this week that we might try this weekend – with an added geeky twist of course.

1. This shrinky dink jewelry from Wrapped up in Rainbows is perfect on its own, but we would probably also try to make some that look like rupees from Legend of Zelda:
Shrinky Dink Jewelry


2. Check out this very cool giant grayscale corkboard map, inspired by Anthropologie. Anyone else see this as potentially the best game of RISK ever?
Corkboard Map

3. Heisenberg. Crocheted. Complete with a crocheted bag of blue.
Crocheted Heisenberg

4. Sure, Breaking Bad caused a few tears, but UP… No matter how many times we see it, a box of tissues must be present. Lan at Morestomach made a painting of her husband’s childhood home, in the style of UP. And while this on its own is touching and beautiful – I can’t help but love it more due to the R2-D2 posed in front of the frame.
DIY UP house

5. These are little gumdrop ghosts. Very cute, right? Love them as is, but we’re thinking we can alter the shape a little and make tiny little gumdrop ADIPOSE! Only Doctor Who could make smiling globs of fat so likable.
Gumdrop Ghosts Adipose

6. Neither of us are sew-ers. (Is sewer a word?) “Neither of us sew” probably sounds better. Anyway, a few weeks ago we had a post on Geeky Fabric, and if I COULD sew, I would use a bunch of strips of nerdy prints and make this pillow, posted on I Always Pick the Thimble.
Fabric Strip Pillow

If you run across any great DIY projects that could be geek-ified, let us know!

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  1. says

    thank you so much for including in your fabulous diy project round up!
    confession: while i certainly liked Star Wars as a kid, i can’t say i’m a fan. when i first went to dw’s house to watch Up! his apartment was decorated nicely and i noticed a few star wars knick knacks… he pointed to the most random STUFF everywhere and told me that they were also star wars affiliated somehow, but only real fans would know them. we have since packed up the majority of these toys and gifted them to his nephews to be enjoyed.
    but i do have an r2-d2 cake 3-d cake i’d like to attempt one day.


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