Make some DIY Star Wars Projects!

DIY Star Wars Geek Home Decor

Star Wars Celebration is coming to southern CA this weekend, then May the 4th follows soon after, so we wanted to remind you to go out and make some DIY Star Wars stuff!

We’ve made quite a few DIY Star Wars projects since we started sharing our stuff with you (and we’ve had a few more failed Star Wars project attempts you never had to see 😉 ), but here are a few of our favorites.

DIY Wampa Head Taxidermy

DIY Wampa Head. I know, I know, you’ve already seen this, but we just really love him and love sharing him. He still graces our wall, and is one of the main focal points in our geeky abode.

Geeky Home Decor / Nerd Crafts - DIY Death Star Disco Ball

DIY Disco Ball Death Star. We’re actually getting ready to do a new, larger version of the ol’ Death Star disco ball, but this one is still holding up well. Death Star + Disco Ball = just makes sense. Also, a big thanks to everyone else who made their own version and sent us pics! <3

Geek Home Decor: Star Wars Death Star Globe DIY

DIY Death Star Globe. Maybe a disco Death Star isn’t your thing. How ’bout this Death Star globe? Inspired by the amazing Death Star globes made by Hydrangea Girl and In My Wheelehouse, this normally sits front and center[piece] on our dining table.

DIY Star Wars Wind Chimes

DIY Jabba the Hutt Wind Chimes. One of our newer Star Wars projects, from a pretty overlooked moment in Return of the Jedi. C’mon, we can’t be the only ones who find decorating inspiration from Jabba!

Geek Home: DIY Star Wars Plates

DIY Star Wars Dishes. A lot of people have asked how the geeky dishes are holding up, and they are still alive and kicking! Like we’ve said before though, we wash them by hand, and we wash them GENTLY. We usually only use them for our geek parties and gatherings, but we still like them.

DIY Geek Coasters / Polaroid Coasters

DIY Geeky Coasters. Yeah, yeah, this isn’t exclusively a Star Wars project, but look – there’s Boba Fett right there! This project is so quick, you could always do a set for Star Wars day using only your favorite Star Wars pictures.

Your turn! If you’ve crossed paths with any great Star Wars DIY projects, let us know and we’ll include them in an upcoming round-up post!


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    I love all of your Star Wars projects. Still in love with the Wumpa head and am totally digging the Stormtrooper with the art deco sunburst behind. Graphic. Beautiful. And thanks for mentioning my blog again. Also, Hydrangea Girl has changed her website name to The Interior DIYer.

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