This TARDIS Bookshelf DIY is Actually Bigger on The Inside

DIY TARDIS Bookshelf - Nerd Home Decor

A friend of ours just tipped us to his very own DIY TARDIS bookshelf – and his version is actually bigger on the inside.ย Well, kind of – the entire thing opens up, becoming wall-less.ย 

This awesome TARDIS cabinet / bookshelf was built by our friend R.A Rayne, host of the Nerdibles podcast. It has working lights and a soundboard – so the windows and the top light flicker on/off, as the familiar TARDIS engine noise whirs.

TARDIS Cabinet - DIY Doctor Who

The TARDIS Skeleton

R.A found the door sign on eBay. He printed the POLICE BOX signs himself and sandwiched them between Plexiglass.

DIY TARDIS Shelves - Doctor Who Decor - Geek DIY

For paint, R.A primed the entire thing black, then took a small TARDIS to Home Depot and had it color-matched. After it was painted blue, he sanded the whole thing to distress it and added a bit of black to highlight and age it.

TARDIS Cabinet - Geek Home Decor

The windows are painted glass, using a mix of white and glow-in-the-dark paint applied with a sponge.

DIY Doctor Who TARDIS - Nerd Decor It opens! But wait…

Geek DIY : TARDIS Cabinet

What kind of sorcery is this?!

For more on R.A and his geekery, check out the Nerdibles website and Facebook.

Geek Home Decor - DIY TARDIS Bookshelf Cabinet


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      Apologies. I am not the creator of it, so am waiting for the builder to draw up plans (he’s a busy dad!). He is also available via his Nerdibles Facebook link, in the post. As soon as I get some blueprints or more build info, I’ll update this post. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Are we still waiting on plans? ๐Ÿ˜› There is still lots of interest! Please post if you can. I will check out your friend on his sites as well. Too cool, thanks for sharing!


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