This TARDIS Bookshelf DIY is Actually Bigger on The Inside

DIY TARDIS Bookshelf - Nerd Home Decor

A friend of ours just tipped us to his very own DIY TARDIS bookshelf Рand his version is actually bigger on the inside. Well, kind of Рthe entire thing opens up, becoming wall-less. 

This awesome TARDIS cabinet / bookshelf was built by our friend R.A Rayne, host of the Nerdibles podcast. It has working lights and a soundboard – so the windows and the top light flicker on/off, as the familiar TARDIS engine noise whirs.

TARDIS Cabinet - DIY Doctor Who

The TARDIS Skeleton

R.A found the door sign on eBay. He printed the POLICE BOX signs himself and sandwiched them between Plexiglass.

DIY TARDIS Shelves - Doctor Who Decor - Geek DIY

For paint, R.A primed the entire thing black, then took a small TARDIS to Home Depot and had it color-matched. After it was painted blue, he sanded the whole thing to distress it and added a bit of black to highlight and age it.

TARDIS Cabinet - Geek Home Decor

The windows are painted glass, using a mix of white and glow-in-the-dark paint applied with a sponge.

DIY Doctor Who TARDIS - Nerd Decor It opens! But wait…

Geek DIY : TARDIS Cabinet

What kind of sorcery is this?!

For more on R.A and his geekery, check out the Nerdibles website and Facebook.

Geek Home Decor - DIY TARDIS Bookshelf Cabinet

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30 Responses to This TARDIS Bookshelf DIY is Actually Bigger on The Inside

  1. Ian says:

    Can I have the plans for this!!?? Pls

  2. i want the plans please!!!!!!!!!!!!:] :]

  3. Shawna G says:

    Plans for this?

  4. ournerdhome says:

    Hey everyone – I’ll talk to the builder and see if I can get him to draw up some plans for you! :)

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  6. chantal says:

    Yeah, I’d like to know how to build this aswell.

  7. penny says:

    amazing and very cool.

  8. Sophie Nugent says:

    Yeah I’d like the plans as well

  9. It really is smaller on the outside lol.

    Also plans aren’t that hard to find, as a 3D model artist I’ve modeled the TARDIS from blueprints/plans a few times xD

  10. Rachel Hutchings says:

    Would love to build this :) plans would be much apppreciated :D

  11. Lachlan says:

    Need plans!

  12. Michael Schneider says:

    Where can I get the plans for this?

  13. Nick redden says:

    Can I get the blueprints please!

  14. Charles Owens says:

    Would love the plans also,please

  15. Steven Russell says:

    sounds like a great idea id love the plans to , thanks

  16. rhine ellery says:

    Its been 11 days…

    • ournerdhome says:

      Apologies. I am not the creator of it, so am waiting for the builder to draw up plans (he’s a busy dad!). He is also available via his Nerdibles Facebook link, in the post. As soon as I get some blueprints or more build info, I’ll update this post. :)

  17. Kathleen Bee says:

    Are we still waiting on plans? :P There is still lots of interest! Please post if you can. I will check out your friend on his sites as well. Too cool, thanks for sharing!

  18. Sharon says:

    I really hope the creator soon gets the plans. I would really enjoy having a Tardis bookshelf

  19. Koalagirl says:

    Does anyone know if the plans are available yet? :3

  20. Zach Rinehart says:

    Are the plans available yet? I, as well as others, would appreciate them!

  21. Aja says:

    Same here would love plans for this when they are available! !

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