Easy DIY Vinyl Decal (MST3K!)

DIY Vinyl Decal: MST3K

Want to make your own DIY vinyl decals? This one is really easy and takes maybe ten minutes. Plus, Mystery Science Theater 3000.

First off, we love MST3K. Here’s a picture of me at Comic Con 2008 (during the big MST3K all-cast reunion), holding the REAL Tom Servo! Exciting stuff. Yes, I am gasping from the awesomeness. And because Kevin Murphy was standing right next to me, and somehow this is me trying to play it cool. Dork.

MST3K Tom ServoLast week we dug out a ton of clear contact paper that we had in our garage, leftover from covering some of our windows (it works perfectly as privacy film, since “clear” is actually frosted). It made us remember being kids and making contact paper stickers, by just drawing shapes with Sharpies and cutting them out. Last week we were also watching a lot of the amazing 80’s BMX film RAD, which had us in an MST3K kind of mood. If you don’t know Rad, watch this scene, and it will sum it up.

Now that we all have “Send me an Angel” stuck in our heads: Find a picture that you like (Google Image can help you with this), print it out on regular paper, put contact paper over it (vinyl side up), and trace the image.

DIY Vinyl DecalColor it in with Sharpie. It took us two coats, plus some touch ups, so make sure you have an extra Sharpie or two lying around.

DIY Vinyl Decal - MST3KCut it out. You don’t have to be SUPER precise, since the part you didn’t color is pretty clear. Peel the back off, and stick your brand new DIY decal onto a mirror/window/picture frame, being careful to smooth out bubbles as you go.

DIY MST3K Vinyl DecalYou could also do this with black contact paper, instead of coloring it in with Sharpie. But the clear was fine for us, and we already had it handy. :)

We ended up doing a second one for the bathroom mirror. Which means that if we’re ever inclined to take a bathroom-selfie, we’ll find ourselves being pointed and laughed at by the Satellite of Love crew. Which we would totally deserve.

DIY MST3K Vinyl DecalThe DIY decal is removable and reposition-able (not too many times, or it might lose stick), and it shouldn’t damage walls or anything like that.

What thinks you? Any other MSTies in the house?

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24 Responses to Easy DIY Vinyl Decal (MST3K!)

  1. JudyR says:

    I think it’s wonderful! Love MST!

  2. Abra says:

    I love MST3K and their incarnations Cinematic Titanic and Rifftrax!

  3. Trish says:

    What a coincidence, I’m reading this post as I watch an episode of MST3K! I will be making some of these soon!

  4. Joie Fatale says:

    This is brilliant! I am glad that there are a few MST3K flicks on Netflix!

    Also, have you heard of Rifftrax? They’re similar, but they do current films, not just old B-Movies (which are a lot of fun too!), and they sell their MP3’s of their audio shenanigans on iTunes and stuff.

  5. Lori says:

    I love MST3K!! I showed my boyfriend this and he wants me to try this for our place, haha. I enjoy all your DIY tutorials :)

  6. LOVE this. my husband loves that show & has a few autographed cinematic titanic posters too. :) glad I found your blog on the homies list!

    • ournerdhome says:

      So funny – we bookmarked your blog from the Homies list as well! Such a good way to find great new things to read. I love your projects. And I’m jealous of your husbands autographed posters! :)

  7. Oh yes… huge MSTie. Even went to the second convention back in 1997. (Conventio-con-expo-fest-a-rama 2 – Electric Boogaloo) I’m sad Cinematic Titanic is over. Long live Riff Trax… it’s all we got left!

    Just found this site. Love it. Want to do pretty much all the projects I’ve seen so far. :)

  8. YerkesDodsonCurve says:

    I love this so much. I just stumbled here and think this is FABULOUS. Am sending this link to my friends. LOVE IT.

  9. Nikki says:

    I love this project! I’ve now begun to see MSTK3 and I love it! Going to try this!

  10. Helen says:

    Why don’t you try acrylics or other paints? It wouldn’t cost much!

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