Geek Fuel Subscription Box Review (and Giveaway!)

Geek Fuel Box Review - Geek Subscription Box

You know we love geek subscription boxes. Well, last month we received our very first (and definitely not last!) Geek Fuel Box. Wanna win your own? Here you go.

We maintain – or at least try to maintain – a big list of geeky subscription boxes. We love mailbox surprises, so the amount of them that we subscribe to ourselves continues to grow. This was our first Geek Fuel experience, and we are seriously impressed with the value vs the cost.

If you don’t know how this works, here you go: You pay Geek Fuel about $14-$18 a month, plus $6 shipping, depending on if you want to pay by the month or by the year. In exchange, they send you an awesome geek mystery box, every month. Easy, right? The boxes contain things like toys, downloadable games, mugs, candy, buttons, bobble-heads, geek soaps, posters – you get the idea. And they always include a t-shirt. Every month is different, and you never know what you’ll get (whatever you don’t want, just stash until the holidays and re-gift, like we do).

Geek Fuel  Subscription Box Review and Giveaway - Our Nerd Home

Our first Geek Fuel box came with: Avengers/Breakfast Club mash-up mug (now happily holding pens on our desk), a little adorable Sinestro (love), a TMNT/Avengers mash-up t-shirt, some candy (in our bellies about 2 seconds after we took the photos), a Steam download code for Kingdom Wars 2: Battles, RETRO videogame magazine, and a little Geek Fuel magazine/guide. The value on this box was really impressive, considering the mug and shirt alone would have cost more than the box cost. We’ve been kinda let down by some of our other geek subscription boxes lately, so this was an extra nice surprise.

Geek Fuel Sinestro

That tiny yellow ring though

Want your own one-month subscription Geek Fuel? (You won’t get this exact box, you’ll get whatever the next box is. Surprises!). Enter here:

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And a big thanks to Geek Fuel for sending this box to us! Here’s hoping they’ll have a D&D/Legend of Zelda box coming soon (that’s a hint, if you’re reading this, Geek Fuel). 🙂


  1. Brandy Moody says

    I thick that looks like a cool a box, I currently subscribe to LootCrate, Do you? If you could only subscribe to one geek box which would it be?

    • says

      We subscribe to both, and like them both (especially when they arrive on the same day, so it feels like christmas!). Geek Fuel seems to have better t-shirts, but Lootcrate has better toys. So it depends on what you like best. 🙂

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