Geek Gift Ideas, Chapter Three! Comic Book gifts, everything else

Geeky Gifts: Comic book gifts, LEGO gift ideas, moreOur final chapter in our geek gift buying guide! Gifts for comic book fans, LEGO lovers, horror/film fanatics, and a little bit of everything else. 

If you didn’t find enough gift ideas in our previous geeky gift guides (here, and here), we have one last chapter for you! Hopefully just in time for some last minute shopping. If some of these items are sold out, we apologize, things go quick! Anyway, it’s no secret that we are huge fans of comic books, horror films, films in general, and LEGO, so that’s what this final list of geek gift ideas focuses on, along with a few random fandoms thrown into the mix (superwholock!). Again, some of the links are referrals – we only affiliate with sites that we actually shop from and <3.

Prices/availability are very subject to change.

We’ll start with BATMAN. Because, Batman.

Batman gifts

Row one:
Batman knit beanie hat
Batman headphones
These Batman socks have tiny capes!
Batman slip on shoes
Row two:
Batman bow tie. Bow ties are cool.
Bat mug. It’s close enough.
Batman mirrored compact
Batman PJ set

Let’s get some other comics in the mix…

Geek Gift Ideas

Row one:
DC Action Figure set
Marvel Umbrella (UK)
DC Shot glasses
Row two:
Love these Sin City coasters
And this Marvel backpack
Stocking stuffer – Flash playing cards

Geeky Gift Ideas

Row one:
Collegiate Batman, varsity style jacket
X-Men sweatshirt
WOAH. Batman leather jacket (pre-order)
Row two:
Marvel slip on shoes
Marvel face-mashup t-shirt. All the faces!
Harley Quinn slippers.
HA! Batman sunshade for your car

Geek Gift Ideas

Row one:
Guardians of the Galaxy art print set
TMNT socks. Yes, we think of this as a comic first, always
Awww, Groot (you can also pre-order the dancing version, pictured)
Row two:
Classy geek, Batman necklace
And a Batman ring (sold out, but here’s another!)
Stocking stuffer – Batman temporary tattoos
Or a comic inspired business card case (I want this)

Horror Movies. They’re kind of our thing.

Geeky Gift Ideas - Horror gifts

Row one:
Horror icon duvet cover
Awesome Bishop plush to cuddle with
Tentacle mug
Row two:
YES. Xenomorph pillow. We need this.
Edgar Allen Poe tote bag
Horror mask art print

Geek Gift Ideas

Row one:
Bloody hand print towel
Best garden gnomes ever?
Horrorgami book
Row two:
Seriously. This is a horror novel on toilet paper, from the author of The Ring.
Skull bottle opener
Cthulhu mug

What about LEGO?

Geeky Gifts - LEGO gifts

Row one:
LEGO pillow
LEGO light switch cover plate… thing
Lamp, LEGO style
Row two:
We have these LEGO mini storage boxes, and love them
LEGO coasters

We’ll finish up with some random other geekery…

Geeky Gift Ideas

Row one:
Because Science!
C’mon. Who doesn’t need Supernatural underwear?
Did you say Hello? No! I said ‘Ello. Labyrinth shirt. <3
Row two:
Adventure time LEGGINGS.
Death Note art print
Yes, you want to color the 90’s

Geek gift ideas

Row one:
Superwholock pillow
Ludo…fwend? Labyrinth Tote bag
Periodic table cutting board
Nerd brush
Row two:
Sherlock blanket
Venture Bros action figure. We play poker with him and Claptrap…
Grumpy cat… leggings… (sold out, but here’s a different pair!)
Misfits travel mug. Yes, we love the Misfits. There’s also a Sex Pistols travel mug option.

Gifts for movie lovers

Row one:
The Wes Anderson Collection. We <3 this, and gift it to our most favorite friends.
Speaking of… Wes Anderson shirt.
Adventure is out there! [sniffle. cry]
I would like, if I may… (Rocky Horror Picture Show poster)
Row two:
The Shining inspired rug
One point twenty one jiga watts! Doc Brown
Thing 1. Thing 2. Perfection.

If you have any other geek gift ideas, let us know! We hope you’re all having a great holiday season. 🙂


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    Holy crap! This gift guide is amazing! Next time I’m just going to point my non geek friends to your site and just tell them to get something from here. Everything is on point!

    Happy Holidays!!


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