Geek Gifts! Chapter One: Star Trek, Star Wars, Gaming

Geek Gifts: Star Wars gifts, Star Trek Gifts, Legend of Zelda gifts, gamer gifts

Here is Chapter One in what is growing into our massive guide to geek gifts! We’re starting with our biggest obsessions, featuring Star Wars gifts, Star Trek gifts, gifts for gamers / videogame gifts, and Dungeons and Dragons gifts . Our own DIY geek gifts will also be popping up on the blog in the next couple of weeks.

We were initially going to do our holiday geeky gift guide (this is Version 2.0 – you can find Version 1.0 here) as one BIG list, but it grew to hundreds of items and over 40 photo collages, so we realized that we would have to split it up so that you can actually load the posts. 🙂

Tomorrow we’ll be posting Chapter Two – which includes geeky gifts for Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter fans. We’ll round out Chapter Three with gifts for comic book fans, horror/film geeks, LEGO lovers, and a few other fandoms. Phew! These things take quite awhile to do, so we hope that you like them! Also, some of the links are referrals – we only affiliate with sites that we actually shop from and <3.

(prices/availability are very subject to change)

(everything is listed clockwise from upper left)

Geeky Gifts: Star Wars gifts

That’s no moon… (it’s a necklace)
Han Solo rug. RUG!
Sweet Darth Vader pajamas
Show off your Dark Side, Darth Vader sweater
OMG this is a Death Star duvet cover!
Star Wars leggings
Tiny-adorable Star Wars stud earrings

Geeky Gifts: Star Wars Gifts

These are the R2D2 lights you’re looking for
Death Star tote bag
Darth Vader action figure
Millenium Falcon backpack
Lightsaber lamp
Awesome Boba Fett poster
Carry your stuff around in R2D2 luggage
And carry your toiletries in this Darth Vader clutch bag

Geek Gifts: Star Wars geeky gifts

Stormtrooper holiday cardigan
R2D2 keychain flashlight
You need to look closely… this shirt is covered in stormtroopers
Keepin’ it simple, Star Wars logo sweatshirt
R2D2 measuring cup set
Cool Star Wars tote bag

PS: How amazing is this tattoo flash / vintage style Star Wars backpack?

Vintage style Star Wars Backpack

And now…

Geek Gifts: Star Trek Gifts

Star Trek Enterprise rug
Ooooh pretty Star Trek art print
Star Trek slippers
Star Trek coin purses
This is… a Star Trek dog bag carrier. So you can look awesome picking up dog poop.
Spock socks
Star Trek watch

Geeky Gift Ideas: Star Trek gifts

Klingon blood wine!!
Star Trek ice cube tray
Star Trek insignia string lights
Star Trek minimalist necklace
All the ships, Star Trek shirt
Borg cube up your whiskey, metal ice cubes
Drink your blood wine in style. Star Trek wine glasses

Gifts for Trekkies: Geeky Gifts for Star Trek fans

Boldly dress up your couch, throw pillow
Or, go classic with TOS uniform inspired throw pillows
Pizza cutting, engage!
Insignia stud earrings
Communicator badge
Circuit board necklace

Star Trek Gifts - Geeky Gift Guide

Star Trek holiday shirt
Classic TOS inspired hoodies
AMAZING art book all Trekkies need
Get a Star Trek flight bag
– Or a Star Trek luggage tag
Next Generation inspired hoodies

Moving on to…

Geeky gifts: Legend of Zelda gamer gifts

Like sleeping in Hyrule. Legend of Zelda duvet cover
Hyrule Historia (great book!)
Link hoodie, with shield
Or just the shield, to hang on your wall
Legend of Zelda shirt
Legend of Zelda area rug. Gimme

Geek Gifts: Legend of Zelda gifts

Zelda throw blanket
Awesome LoZ scarf
Master Sword multi tool!
Heart piece necklace
Legend of Zelda keychain
Make the puzzle, then frame it
Legend of Zelda hooded backpack


Geeky Gifts: Gifts for gamersThis Assassin’s Creed sweater is amazing
Minions! Claptrap shirt
Gameboy-esque luggage
OR a Gameboy-esque luggage tag
Tiny Nintendo controller stud earrings
Skyrim keychain
Fallout wallet!
Metal Gear art print
Persona tote bag (now you know we’re just listing stuff from our personal favorite games)

Geek Gift Guide: 100+ gifts for gamers

Portal Companion Cube sweater
Persona 3 art print
Game controller art print
Minecraft diamond earrings
Mario pipe mug
Kupo! Moogle towels
NES ipad cover

Geek Gifts for gamers

Super Mario 3 costume hoodie.
Team Fortress 2 sweater
Videogame bandages
The Art of Mass Effect (book)
Portal Tie. For the professionals
Mario vine socks
Vault Hunters Unite Borderlands poster
The Art of Borderlands 2 (book)

Last but not least…

Dungeons and Dragons gifts

We love Dungeons & Dragons CLUE
Gaming dice coasters
Chaotic Neutral, everyday
Fuzzy D20’s for your car
Drizzt Do’Urden Kre-o set (build him into your LEGO LotR sets)
Dragon & Dice necklace
Not pictured: You can also get a D20 RUG. This is near the top of our personal wishlist.

D&D Gift Ideas

Want to start playing D&D? Starter set
Pound o’ Dice!
This is a bowl. A D20 bowl.
Not technically a die, but this mirrored hexagon box sure looks like gamer decor to us
Awesome dragon trinket box
Light-up D20 – our DM allows it

And that’s it for Chapter One! Stay tuned for Chapter Two. If you’re looking for more gifts post haste, check out:
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What are some of your must have / most-wanted geek gifts this year?


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