DIY Projects

Here are some of our own DIY geek home projects:

DIY D20 Lamp   DIY Doctor Who Stepping Stones - Our Nerd Home   DIY Game of Thrones party ideas - Game of Thrones Eggs

DIY Yoshi Eggs - Geeky Easter Projects   DIY Star Wars Wind Chimes   DIY Batman Wreath - Spring Edition!

DIY Geek Coasters / Polaroid Coasters   DIY Batman Wreath - Our Nerd Home   DIY Batman Garland

DIY Geeky Halloween Decorations   DIY Doctor Who Tom Baker Rug   DIY Ice Bucket

DIY Wall Mounted Zombie Head Plaque   DIY Lord of the Rings Dish   DIY LEGO Minifigure Clock

DIY Portal Companion Cube Pendant Lamp   Borderlands DIY Claptrap   DIY TARDIS corkboard - Geek Office Decor

DIY Mid Century Atomic Table - using comic books and Mod Podge!   Geek Decor: DIY Legend of Zelda Welcome Mat   DIY Star Trek Welcome Mat

Geeky Art Print Gallery Wall   Geek Home Decor: Star Wars Death Star Globe DIY   Geek Decor: DIY gold LEGO frame with spray painted gold LEGO's

DIY Wampa Head Taxidermy   DIY Geek Art - Geeky Love Quotes   DIY Geek Valentine's Day 8-Bit Necklace Set

Geek Decor: Giant DIY D20   DIY MST3K Vinyl Decal   Geek Home Decor: DIY Tetris Shelves

Geek-Pillows---Square   DIY Geek Gift: Tom Baker / Doctor Who Infiniti Scarf or Cowl   Geek Gifts: DIY Chocolate Gaming Dice

Geek Decor: DIY 8-Bit Ornament   DIY Geek Home Decor: Fandom Holiday Wreath   Geek Holiday: Gingerbread D20 / Gaming Dice

DIY Mid Century Modern Pet Bed   DIY Death Star Disco Ball - Geeky Home Decor - Nerd Crafts   DIY 8-bit fire

Geek Decor: DIY 8-Bit Heart Magnetic Chalkboard   DIY Shrinky Dink Cameo Necklace - Geeky DIY - Nerdy Gift   Geek Gifts: DIY Lap Desk with Hand Stamped Fabric (Legend of Zelda)

Geek Home Decorating - Han Solo Drawer Pull   Geek Home Decor - DIY LEGO Minifigure Display   Geek Home Decor - Legend of Zelda Headboard

Nerdy Home Decor - DIY Record Shelves   DIY Super Mario Piranha Plant   Simple DIY Built-In Bookcase

Check back for more DIY nerdy home goodness!