Geek Stained Glass (Other People’s Nerd Homes)

Geek Stained Glass - Lord of the Rings

We just saw this amazing White Tree of Gondor stained glass door featured over on Nerd Approved.

From a reader at

We don’t know the first thing about stained glass, but it was just added to our “things to learn” list. Any other great geek stained glass projects that you love?

PS: We finally found a new house! Thank you to everyone who wished us well in our house search and move. We move in next week, and are VERY excited for all of the new geek decor projects we have planned. Don’t worry, our 8-bit fire place, backyard Mario piranha plant, Han Solo cabinet pulls, and pretty much everything else we’ve made are all coming with us. 🙂 Keep an eye on our Instagram and Twitter accounts for updates/behind-the-scenes photos.


  1. says

    You don’t actually have to learn how to do real stained glass. Craft stores have stained glass paint. so you can create designs directly on your windows. It looks really good, and you don’t need any special equipment.

  2. Ann says

    Oh, PLEASE!!! This is AMAZING! I am looking for someone to make a display case for all my LOTR collectibles with this stained White Tree of Gondor..Do you know anyone? Any ideas?

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