Geek Subscription Boxes. Who doesn’t love mailbox surprises?

Loot Crate Review

We initially posted this list of geek subscription boxes over a year ago (time flies), but we’ve been updating it here and there, so thought it deserved a bump up to the main page. Let us know which geeky mystery boxes are your favorites.

(Originally posted April 2014):
If you follow our Instagram, you saw that last month we received our first LootCrate (thanks to our friend Kristy for the referral!). Which opened our eyes to a whole new world of blind box / geek subscription boxes. Surprise geek gifts in our mailbox?? Count us in!

Anyway – LootCrate definitely isn’t the only subscription box out there. Here are a few other geek/nerd related monthly subscriptions, so please let us know if you use/love any of these. Also let us know if there are any that you like that we missed.

Geek Fuel: Always a good shirt, random collectibles/toys, downloadable games, etc. Starting at about $24/month with shipping. (update – this is our current favorite geek subscription box! We actually cancelled the others cause Geekfuel FTW)

LootCrate: The OG. We’ve had this a long while now, and it’s consistently pretty good. Some hits, some misses. Usually a shirt, a collectible/sometimes Funko pop, and a couple of little random items (sunglasses, luggage tag, things like that). Update – Use code SAVE3 to save $3!

Nerd Block: Under $30, with shipping. Another really popular monthly geeky box. They also have a kids version, a videogame version, and a horror version (YES! We love this option).

Kawaii Monthly: >$20. If you love cute tiny things, anime, Japanese candy, Hello Kitty, and smiley faces, this is for you. (update: they closed. 🙁 At least for now, anyway)

OwlCrate: For YA book geeks. We haven’t tried it yet, but see good unboxing pics on Instagram,

Japan Crate: A box full of mystery Japanese candy, starting at $12/month. If you don’t have an Asian market near you, this is an awesome primer on Japanese candy.

1Up Box: We haven’t tried this one yet, but we see friends unboxing on Instagram, and it seems good.

Comic Bento: A monthly box for comic book lovers! Around $20/month will get you a big box of surprise comic books every month. They try to find hidden gems so you don’t get comics you already have (which was our first concern, since we’ve been collecting comics for a combined… too many years).

ComicBoxer: Another awesome looking comic book monthly box. Check out some of their past boxes here. Starts at around $20/month + shipping.

BOOM!Box by Espionage Cosmetics: A new monthly makeup/manicure box for geeks.

GM Loot: A new monthly mystery box for table top gamers! This one starts at just under $30 a month, and includes things like sourcebooks and action cards.

Dread Central’s Box of Dread: We are horror lovers, and this box is calling our name. $14/month + shipping gets you things like shirts, horror movie memorabilia, and action figures.

Geek Me Box: Around $30/month – no themes on this one, so seems good for the all-around geek. Let us know if you have experience with them.

Black Box Subscriptions: A subscription box for the gothicly inclined. Goth accessories, music, and handmade crafts.

Booty Bin: A newcomer in the geeky/nerd subscription box game. (Update: looks like they’re no longer a monthly subscription box, but a buy-when-you-want geek box)

Bacon Freak: Yeah, this has nothing to do with nerdiness. But it’s bacon. So there’s that.

KitNipBox: For cats. I can haz miztery box?

These things definitely do get pricey, but we’re keeping the items that aren’t really us to gift to friends. We’re also going to stockpile a bunch of the items to use for geek DIY projects. 🙂

EDIT: Several-months-later side note – prices and policies of any of these companies are subject to change. If you notice anything new or different, let us know and we’ll try to keep this post updated.


  1. says

    They all look really cool! I can not wait until I am not a student and can afford awesome things like this! (I am putting loot crate on my birthday list though ^___^)

  2. says

    I’m loving the sound of My Geek Box – I’m from the UK, so a lot of these don’t deliver to me! The only other one I’ve heard about is LootCrate, have seen a few unboxings on Youtube and they look so cool Xx

  3. Hesta Rafuse says

    I sent an inquiry to MyGeekBox yesterday and their reply was that they will start shipments to the US next week.

  4. S says

    Ive been getting LootCrate for close to a year now, and I LOVE it. My bf and I fight over the goodies every month. We have limited funds, but it’s such a great value and chock full of goods that we overlook it as our treat for the month. They often send out great T-shirts, (almost worth the value of the box alone). They do a theme each month, (zombies, adventure, dragons) and the only times we haven’t liked a box as much was when all the products in the box were from only one show/game/book that is being promoted at the time, which has only happened twice -plus, I think enough of their customers complained about it that they’ve knocked it off and returned to variety. We often get very large funko figures,(my ninja turtle was the best! and Domo superman) a few stuffies, pez dispenser, books, dvds, download codes, fun candy… we’ve also gotten star wars ear buds, stickers and decals, a Cartman portable speaker, bowtie, amazing stuff from Portal, Adventure Time, Mario, Marvel & DC, Game of Thrones, Elder Scrolls, Zelda, NASA, Minecraft, Walking Dead, etc etc.

    • says

      We are so happy to finally be in the LootCrate family. 🙂 Can’t wait for the Transformers Crate next month, but we’re hoping it is more ’80s than Bay 😛 Optimus can’t ride Grimlock, Michael!!

  5. says

    Another UK based geek box is ‘Infinity Crates’, they are similar in how they have a theme but they also take your interests into account!

  6. Winter says

    Just tried My Geek Box (UK one). While I was trying to sign up, they didn’t give the US as an option for address. So I’m not sure they let you ship to the US anymore.

  7. PTC says

    Gizmo Crate is not working and it seems it’s getting some bad rep. According to some comments on their Facebook page last year some people were not even given their boxes, some came in months late while others not at all.


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