The Best Camping Gear for Geeks


Geek Camping - Star Wars Folding Chair
Yes, nerds love camping too. We try to go at least every couple of months, even if only to a little campground that we like just north of Los Angeles (a plus about living in Southern California: Year round camping with moderate temperatures). It’s not exactly roughing it, what with the semi-clean well-lit bathrooms and showers, running water, coffee stand and general store – but it is still stepping out of our regular routine, leaving technology behind, and sleeping in a tent with our dog. Here are some geek camping items to bring on your next trip (and stay tuned for our DIY geek sleeping bag project! Coming soon):

R2D2 Folding Chair, from ThinkGeek (above)
Because, obviously.

Starfleet Academy Spork
[It’s a spoon AND a fork?!]
Nerd Camping - Star Trek Spork

Doctor Who Water Bottle
Unfortunately not bigger on the inside.
Geek Camping - Dr Who Tardis Bottle

Tauntaun Sleeping Bag
Of course the list would not be complete without this. Not rated for more rugged camping, but fine if the weather is right.
Geek Camping - Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

M48 Tactical Shovel
You can dig, chop, and kill zombies, all with the same tool. Plus it just looks badass.
Nerd Camping - Zombie Shovel

Man Skills Survival Handbook
Because you just never know when you’ll have to fight off a bear, sail through a typhoon, or craft the perfect muttonchops.
Geek Camping - Worse Case Scenario Book

Zombie Playing Cards
You have to bring playing cards on every camping trip, so why not bring zombie playing cards.
Nerd Camping - Zombie Playing Cards

Marvel Toiletry Bag
Carry your Doctor Who toothbrush in style.

Comic Book Makeup Bag

Credit Card Sized Survival Kit
We’ve had a couple of these, and they have come in surprisingly handy.

Batman Travel Mug
Because you need a travel mug. And it’s Batman.
Batman Mug

Captain America Board Shorts
Because these are obviously what Captain America would wear to the beach.
Marvel Swim Trunks


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