Geek Art Print Gallery Wall

Geeky Art Print Gallery Wall

We finally decided to grab some of our favorite geeky art prints, to start a little gallery wall / art collage – inspired by Doctor Who, Bioshock, Lord of the Rings, LEGO…

(Disclaimer: If you click on the Redbubble links and buy stuff, we get a small commission. That said… )

The wall behind our couch has been pretty much empty for way too long, so we thought that a little (big) collage of geeky art/gallery wall would look good there. If you have been following us for awhile, you may have noticed a permanent little sidebar spot dedicated to one of our favorite sites – Redbubble. The folks there were awesome enough to hook us up with a few of their art prints (of our choice) on semi-gloss posters to get our gallery wall started. So now we love them even more! If you don’t know the site, start here: Redbubble Geek. Basically any fandom you have, they have tons of custom artwork for, which artists upload themselves. Then you can get that artwork printed on posters, phone cases, shirts, stuff like that.

We went with a Mondrian / Doctor Who inspired print, a Bioshock themed print, and a subway-style Lord of the Rings map. They ranged from around $12 to around $15 each, and the quality is great. Thick paper, semi-gloss, really good detail:

Bioshock Art Print

Lord of the Rings Art Print Subway Map

For frames, we used a $5 one from IKEA and the rest were thrifted – the square one for the Bioshock print took some time to find, to get the size right. We spray painted all of the frames gold, gray, or black. We also put our DIY baroque style LEGO minifigure display frame in the mix, as well as our DIY geek quote art. And yes, that’s a tiny framed Dr. Zaius from Planet of the Apes, printed off of our computer. We were debating between that or framed Bruce Lee or Siouxie & the Banshees shots, but a quick Instagram vote said to go for the ape. We also made a Star Trek vinyl decal and put it on a dollar-store gold framed mirror.

More geek art prints that we hope to get eventually (Labyrinth, The Shining, The Thing, Star Trek, Star Wars):

Labyrinth Poster The Shining Carpet Art Print The Thing Art Print

Geeky Art - Star Trek Print  Star Wars Art Print

What do you think? Are you a gallery wall type of person? We plan on adding more to it, to extend it further down the wall.

(We were not paid for this post, but we did get some free products from Redbubble. We wouldn’t endorse anything we don’t like and recommend. Huzzah!)


  1. Haley says

    I love the baroque style frame in the middle. The frame really breaks up all the straight lines and adds interest. I love the gallery wall. Chic and fun!

    I also just wanted to say I love the blog and it has inspired me to start a couple new projects. So many ideas, so little time.

  2. says

    I love gallery walls, and yours looks super! I have one going up next to my stairs, which is the worst space in the entire house to photograph but looks good in real life so *shrug* I’d like to start another one in a nice light-filled space like you have! ^___^

  3. says

    Love it! We have a gallery wall above out couch, which I tend to change out seasonally. Right now it’s mostly wedding pics and a few linger Christmas printables, but I’d love to mix it up and get some geek art in there.
    Just a note – a close up or larger view of your gallery would be great! I can hardly see the tine Dr. Zaius!

    • says

      I hadn’t even thought about changing the gallery wall out seasonally. That’s a great idea! Also, I just realized how photo-light this post is – we’ll add a couple more pics to it over the weekend.

    • says

      That’s exactly what we were going for too! 🙂 We were kind of thinking that if someone ISN’T a geek, these might just look like “standard” art prints. But for those in the know, they’ll spot the TARDIS, etc right away.

  4. says

    Great wall! I love how you showcase the lego display in the center. And I’m so jealous of your prints! I see a purchase in my future (linked through from here of course!)

  5. says

    Oh, man! I am sooo digging the Nerdy Gallery! We have a few posters up at our house in frames, and they bring our boring sardine can apartment to a nice and wonderful homey feel! We do need to get some slightly smaller prints though!
    And that subway map seems perfect!

  6. says

    Nice stuff. I really like the Bioshock piece. I have a nerd gallery/art wall in my living room near my TV. There’s a signed print of GIR from Invader Zim, part of a Pac-man arcade machine, and a DDR pad. There are a few others, including some non-geeky pieces done by friends. I love it. 🙂


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