Beautiful (and geeky!) Art Prints by Artist Andrew Heath

Geek Home Decor - Andrew Heath Art Prints
A couple of weeks ago we posted about artist Juan Ortiz and his gorgeous Star Trek art prints. Today we want to share the work of the incredibly talented Andrew Heath.

We ran across his Etsy shop this weekend (while searching for Robocop prints), and though we’ve never met him, somehow he must be reading the wishlist in our minds. He has a beautiful rendition of everything from Robocop, Breaking Bad, and Arrested Development to Legend of Zelda, Masters of the Universe, Temple of Doom, Army of Darkness, and Batman (and tons more).

All of his prints run $10-$20, depending on size (up to 18×24). Here are a few of our favorites:

Robocop Art Print PosterGeek Home Decor - Star Trek Art Print Poster Indiana Jones Art Print Poster

Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Art Print Geek Home Decor - Doctor Who Art Print Poster Batman Art Print Poster

Geek Home Decor - Masters of the Universe Art Print Poster Back to the Future Art Print Poster Army of Darkness Art Print Poster

This isn’t a sponsored post, we just fell in love with his work and thought you would too.

If you have a favorite geek culture artist, let us know! We’re always on the lookout for great art prints.

What do you think?