Geek Gifts Chapter Two: Doctor Who, LOTR, Harry Potter

Geek Gift Ideas: Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones gifts

Welcome to Part Two of our massive guide to geeky gifts (sorry we had to split it up – it was too big for one post!). In this edition, we have Doctor Who gifts, Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit, Harry Potter, and gifts for Game of Thrones fans.

If you’re looking for Star Wars gifts, Star Trek gifts, gifts for gamers, or D&D inspired gifts, check out Chapter One of our geek gift guide! Next we’ll be posting Chapter Three – with gifts for comic book fans, horror/film geeks, LEGO lovers, and a few other fandoms (Superwholock, anyone?). Phew! Again, some of the links are referrals – we only affiliate with sites that we actually shop from and <3.

(prices/availability are very subject to change)

We’ll start with…

Geeky Gifts: Doctor Who GiftsRow one:
Beautiful Doctor Who art print
All the Doctors
Pulp Fiction / Doctor Who mashup throw pillow!
Row two:
Doctor Who bi-fold wallet
OR, Doctor Who long wallet
TARDIS slippers
, all day
and a TARDIS scarf, to match

Geeky Gifts: Doctor Who Gifts

Row one:
Doctor Who lighter
So cute TARDIS stud earrings
Doctor Who <3 friendship keychain
Think you know the Doctor? Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit
Row two:
Doctor Who shoes!
Pop art Doctor Who dish set
This is a Sonic Screwdriver universal remote control. Yes.

Geek Gift Ideas: Doctor Who Gifts

Row one:
Doctor Who icon throw pillow
Dalek earbuds (available for pre-order)
Aww. Stupid face keychain.
Row two:
Doctor Who sugar and cream holder set thingy (technical name)
THIS. The adi-purse, Adipose coin purse
So that’s how you make a Dalek! Travel bag

And now

Geeky gifts: Harry Potter gifts

Row one:
Harry Potter travel poster series, for the classy geek
Harry Potter uniform dress
Oooh, Gryffindor shoes
Row two:
After all this time? Always pillow
Slytherin shoes
Hogwarts Library (book)

Geek Gifts: Harry Potter Gifts

Row one:
We’re in love with this Harry Potter duvet cover
Until the Very End wall art. Sniffle
Marauder’s Map shoes
Row two:
Engraved Glasses sets
Hogwarts Crest mug
A must have, obviously. Harry Potter book set

Harry Potter gift ideas

Row one:
Tiny Harry Potter ring
Hogwarts backpack
Marauder’s Map throw pillow
Row two:
Harry Potter beanies (choose your house)
Harry Potter rings
Mischief Managed bracelet!

What about…

Geek Gifts: Lord of the Rings

Row one:
We actually have this giant Lord of the Rings Anduril sword on our wall, and love it
But if you’d rather have a smaller sword… Sting letter opener
If you don’t have these books, you need them
Better than a diamond. Evenstar
Row two:
Can’t get enough Tolkien? Fantasy tales box set
Elvish Leaf necklace
The Complete Guide to Middle Earth

Geeky gift ideas: Lord of the Rings

Row one:
We love the LotR LEGO game
Cozy Middle Earth map blanket
Lord of the Rings t-shirt
Row two:
Classic watch, with Middle Earth map
Lord of the Rings bar-ware
Eye of Sauron necklace

And finally –

Game of Thrones geeky gifts

Row one:
LOOK AT THIS SHIRT. Neverending Story / Game of Thrones mashup
Dragons egg necklace
Longclaw letter opener
Game of Thrones coffee table book
Row two:
Shot glasses!
Please read the books
Ghost Funko Pop figure
House of Stark shirt

Game of Thrones gifts

Row one:
Magnetic poetry, Game of Thrones style
Eat cookies out of a dragon egg
House Sigil magnet set
Row two:
Geek up your Christmas tree, GoT ornaments
Game of Thrones inspired cookbook
Wax Seal Coasters

Stay tuned for Chapter Three! And let us know if you have any favorite geeky gifts on your list.



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