Geeky Home Decor for Non-DIY’ers (Bonus – Nothing Over $75!)

We are obviously big believers in DIY projects – both for the satisfaction of it and because we hate spending money. There are, however, some things that we just can’t make ourselves (sad face), plus we know that not everyone is into getting messy and spending their weekends with a paintbrush and a sanding block. For that, here’s a roundup of some of our favorite geeky home decor, to buy instead of DIY.

*prices and availability are very subject to change.

Geeky Home Decorating - T Rex HeadGeeky Home Decor - Pixel Clock
How could you not want a t-rex head mounted on your wall? From $70
Pixel clock, for subtle geekery. $25

Geeky Home Decor - Portal Bookends Star Wars Blanket
Portal bookends. Speedy thing goes in, speedy thing goes out. $30
Not just for kids: Star Wars bedding (in twin and full/queen). From $70

Nerd Home Decorating - Nerdy Art Print
 Nerd Home Decorating - Nerd Typography
Periodic table style “N Er Dy” – set of 3 prints. $20
Show your nerd pride on your bookshelf with wood Nerd sign. $25

Geek Home - Star Trek Area Rug
 Nerdy Home Decor - Pixel Pillow

Ohmigod we need this Star Trek rug. $70
Pixel videogame character alphabet pillow. Perfect for kids room (or your couch). $20

Geek Home - Tardis Tea Pot Nerd Decor - Mounted Shark Head
Crossover your geekdom and drink tea-earl-grey-hot out of a TARDIS tea pot. $48
If you don’t want a T-rex head on your wall (why?!), how about this wall mounted shark head? Perfect for Shark week. Or Sharknado 2 premiere party. $60

Nerd Home Decorating - Periodic Table Art   Geek Home Decor - Lightsaber Lamp
Colorful periodic table tapestry would also make a good bedspread or tablecloth. $30
Lightsaber lamp. We have one in our hallway and love it. $22

Gamer Home Decor - Zelda Pillow Nerdy Home Decor - Yoda Doormat

Legend of Zelda Hylian Shield, in pillow form. (*not for use as actual shield) $35
Let Yoda welcome guests into your home, with this door mat. $50

Gamer Home Decor - Portal Cookie Jar Star Wars Home Decor - Darth Vader rug
Everyone needs a Portal companion cube. And everyone needs cookies. Combine those two requirements in this companion cube cookie jar. $30
Darth Vader rug is the perfect size for small geeky bathrooms. $20

Geeky Home Decor - Boba Fett Star Wars Lamp  Geeky Decorating - LEGO Salt and Pepper Shakers
Boba Fett is cool, and so is this Boba Fett lamp. $42
Bring some nerd into your kitchen, with LEGO salt & pepper shakers. $12

Geeky Home Decor - Tetris LampNintendo Thwomp Pillow
How awesome is this Tetris lamp?! Want. $35
Super Mario Bros Thwomp pillow. One of our favorite things on this list. $30

Geeky Decor - Doctor Who Tardis Rug   Geek kitchen - magnetic poetry
If you haven’t already ordered the Star Trek rug, check out this TARDIS rug. $70
The subtlest of nerd home decor – GEEK magnetic poetry for your fridge. $11

Gamer Home Decor - Claptrap Borderlands Pillow Gamer Decor - Zelda Throw Pillow
Another favorite from the list – we are obsessed with Borderlands/2, and this Claptrap pillow is amazing. Does he beatbox? $20
This Legend of Zelda throw pillow is another beautiful example of subtle geeky home decor. $20

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  1. Jenn says

    Love the site, love the post, etc etc. I’m quite sure that thwamp pillow needs to come to my house.

    I do have a beef with the maker of the gamer alphabet pillow however. Link is under Z for Zelda, which I recognize was the game he was in but we to put a righteous end to the gender-bending confusion of our favorite little hero!


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