Quick DIY Project: Gold LEGO Mirror Frame

Geek Decor: DIY gold LEGO frame with spray painted gold LEGO's

We wanted a quick subtle geek DIY project, after the in-your-face nerdiness of our Wampa head. So we made a fast and easy gold LEGO-framed mirror.

There are only two steps here. All you need is a few minutes, gold spray paint, LEGO’s (we used 2×4 bricks), glue, and a mirror or photo frame.

1. Spray ’em (one coat on each side. At first we only painted the top side, then realized that – whoops – you could see the unpainted underside in the mirror reflection).

DIY Gold LEGO's (Spray Painted)

2. Glue ’em (we recommend GOOP or E6000. Follow package instructions – this stuff is STRONG. We did the gluing outside so the fumes wouldn’t knock us out. If you follow us on Instagram you might have seen the pic of our outdoor LEGO frame making)


Gold LEGO frame, done!

Geek Decor: DIY LEGO Frame - Spray Painted Gold LEGO's

We got the mirror at Michael’s (and the Portal Companion Cube at ThinkGeek), but you can find similar mirrors at any craft store or IKEA, Target, etc. The mirror we used is pretty small, mainly because we needed more small stuff for the geek gallery wall we are finally putting together (pics next week! We just got a bunch of awesome geek art prints we’re excited to show you).


  1. Kathryn Lebda says

    After seeing the Lego Movie last night, this made me so happy! You guys are such great inspiration for me. I love the range from subtle to in-your-face nerd decorating ideas you guys have! ^_^

    • says

      Thank you! Our tiny home is getting over-run with geekiness (not that I’m complaining), so we’re liking more subtle projects for a couple of weeks, to balance things out.

    • says

      Hi Jordan. They were actually several different colors! Mostly red and gray, but also some blue and green. We didn’t really notice any difference in one color working better with the gold versus others. 🙂


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