Big Awesome Geek Gift Guide! Finish Your Gift-Buying Right Now

Geek Gift Guide: Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, Zelda, and more
Is there an emoticon that represents hyperbole? If not, there should be. Anyway, we made a big guide to geek gift-buying (to supplement your DIY geek gift making)! It took forever, so we hope you like it and find something new and fun to get your nerdy loved ones/self.

We have a couple more specific gift guides coming up, but wanted to start with this much-encompassing list. We broke it down into a few categories…

Geek Gift Guide: Board Games for NerdsBoard games!
We love board games as gifts, and some of these can help make your own fandom (D&D anyone?) more accessible to your family/non-geek friends, by blending in classic games like CLUE and Yahtzee.

Geek Out geek trivia game (a new favorite of ours)
Doctor Who Yahtzee
Dungeons & Dragons CLUE. It was the Rogue, in the dungeon, with a vorpal sword.
Tetris, Connect-4-style
Super Mario Chess
Batman Strategy Game
Star Wars Mad Libs (we get this as stocking stuffers for friends every year)
Super Mario Bros playing Cards

Geek Jewelry (Star Trek, Zelda, Never Ending Story, Batman, Star Wars, Borderlands / Doctor Who)Jewelry.
Because, obviously.

Legend of Zelda necklace
Star Wars Lightsaber earrings
Star Trek communicator badge/pin
Gas Mask Necklace (for Borderlands AND Doctor Who)
How awesome is this Neverending Story Auryn necklace??
Batman ring (currently out of stock)

Geek Gift Guide: Geeky Home DecorGeeky Home Gifts.
Check out our post on Geek Decor for Non-DIY’ers for more!

Gameboy Towel
Nintendo Power Mitt oven mitt
Yes, that IS a Breaking Bad snow globe!
Super Mario pipe mug
Tetris refrigerator magnets
Rubik’s cube coasters
MSTK3 wall decal. We’ve got movie sign!
D20 window decal. <3

Geeky Ice Cube TraysIce Cube Trays.
What a strangely specific gift category. But ice cube trays DO make great affordable little geeky gifts.

Han Solo in Carbonite ice cube tray (bonus! Make our DIY cabinet pulls with it!)
Portal Companion Cube ice cube tray
Star Trek ice cube tray
Doctor Who ice cube tray
Space Invaders… you guessed it… an ice cube tray!
D20 whiskey stones (yes, NOT an ice cube tray)

Geek Gift Guide: Geeky Soap
Geek Soap.
Nerd up someone’s shower.

Tetris soap set (currently unavailable, but check out sellers other geek soaps)
Marvel soap set (currently unavailable, but check out sellers other geek soaps)
“I can’t believe this isn’t a real Nintendo controller” soap
Super Mario Boo soap

Geek Gift Guide: Office Geeky
Geek Office Gifts.
Make your workaholic friend a DIY 8-Bit heart magnetic chalkboard. No? Here are some office-friendly gifts to buy instead. 🙂

Rubik’s Cube desk organizer
Pacman stapler
Han Solo in Carbonite business card holder
Literary Kindle Fire covers

Geek Gift Guide: Geeky Baby GiftsGeek Baby Gifts!
Because how cute would a baby be as a tiny Portal companion cube?

Star Wars ABC’s book
Doctor Who Onesie (first word will be “Allons-y”. …Or “I am so sorry”)
Baby’s First Dice Game
Portal Companion Cube Onesie
Legend of Zelda Link Onesie

Geek Gift Guide: Geeky t-shirts
Geeky T-Shirts.

Space Invaders t-shirt (currently out of stock)
Heisenberg Breaking Bad shirt
Legend of Zelda t-shirt
Nuka Cola Fallout shirt

Geek Gift Guide: Geeky Socks
Everyone has someone who gives them socks for the holidays, right? Now that person can be you. But at least you give cool nerd socks.

Marvel sock pack
Spocks“. Best sock name ever?
Comic book socks
DC sock pack (let the DC vs Marvel battle duke it out in your sock drawer)
Marvel socks 2-Pack

Geeky Gift GuideMore.
Because we didn’t want an entire category dedicated to toothbrushes.

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver toothbrush
Chocolate D&D dice
This is a wallet with flying bears shooting eyeball laser beams. You heard me.
Star Wars Lightsaber toothbrush
Not for the kids: A Batman batarang pocket knife. Want.
Legend of Zelda ocarina. Cross-geek and learn to play the Doctor Who theme.

Geek Holiday Gift GuideEven more.
Because a holiday geek gift guide is NOT complete without a chestburster.

Legend of Zelda Armwarmers (currently unavailable)
Alien Chestburster plush. Look how cuddly it is.
Portal cookie cutters
And finally…. Borderlands 2 Loot Chest (I… speechless… need)

For still more holiday gift ideas, check out:
Geeky Home Decor for Non-DIY’ers
Star Trek Your Kitchen

What about you guys? Any gifts you’re excited to give/[hopefully] get this year?

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    Omg, there are so many things on this list that I would totally love to get! The gas mask necklace! The Geek Out board game! The Spocks! You have done a fantastic job with this guide! ^___^

  2. says

    I make the 10th doctor onesie 🙂 thank you so much for including it! This is a great list, I think I just covered half of my friends in one swoop!

    • says

      Everything in your Etsy shop is so awesome, Katie! We had a hard time choosing between the Doctor, Trekkie, and Harry Potter onesies for this list. Geek parents = best parents.


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