Holiday Guide to Geek Gifts: V1.0

Geek Gifts: Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, Zelda, and more

We’re bringing it back! Our big list of geek gifts was one of our most popular posts of the past year, and most of the items are still available, and might make the perfect gift for your favorite geek. Since we’re working on several more geek gift guides, we’ll call this one Version 1.0, to kick off our holiday shopping series!

This weekend we’ll post a BIGGER, brand-new ultimate guide to nerd gifts, followed by a few specific geek gift lists to cover holiday shopping for all of your favorite nerds.

In the meantime, click here for Geek Gift Guide V1.0, with over 60 ideas for every geek on your list.

Geek Gifts: Star Trek jewelry, Zelda, Never Ending Story Necklace, Batman, Star Wars, Borderlands / Doctor Who, and more geek jewelry

Geek Gift Guide / Geeky Holiday gift ideas

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We’re also working on our new holiday DIY projects, which we’re excited to share with you. If you’re working on anything fun or have a great holiday gift idea, let us know!


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    Great lists! I’ve been thinking of doing a few of my own geared towards specfici geeks- fangirl/guy, comic nerd, anime, LARP etc etc and this has given me tons of ideas!

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