Majora’s Mask Clock (Other People’s Nerd Homes)

DIY Geek Decor - Legend of Zelda clock

We love geeky clocks, obvs. And our friend RaChil over at The Cwafty Blog made an awesome Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask clock, and has a tutorial showing you how to make your own.

These are our favorite kinds of geek DIY projects, since to the non-geek eye (why are these people in your house?!), this is just a gorgeous colorful clock + a unique piece of wall art. But to the rest of us, we’ll squeal a little when we walk in your house and demand you make one for us too. Or at least we’ll go home and make our own.

Want to know how she did it? Check out the tutorial here.

DIY Geeky Decor - Legend of Zelda clock


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