19 Awesomely Nerdy Fabrics

Star Trek Badge FabricWe currently have a handful of reuholstery projects stacking up in the garage (posts on those coming soon!), and have been scouring the internet to find the best geek fabrics. We found so many that we like, we might end up using all of them to make the nerdiest quilt around.

Here are our 19 current favorites, in no particular order:


We really like how this Skyrim fabric has a bold graphic look, but keeps the geekery fairly subtle.
Skyrim Videogame Fabric

LOVE this Doctor Who fabric! Both the design and the color combo are perfect for reupholstery projects.
Doctor Who Damask

For the math geeks out there! This fabric is perfect for a chair redo or a pillow. Love the graphic black and white.
Equation Fabric

While I do wish I could find a great TNG fabric (any suggestions?), this OST retro badge design is pretty awesome. I could see it making a great lampshade on a midcentury base.
Star Trek Badge Fabric

Another great Star Trek fabric, for the Spock lovers.
Star Trek Fabric

I do think it should be Captain America instead of Wolverine on this cool graphic Marvel fabric, but either way, it’s a winner.
Marvel Superhero Fabric

Talk about subtle nerd. From afar this looks like a beautiful classic damask, but look a little closer… the silhouettes are classic Nintendo.
Nintendo Damask

Grindhouse fabric
Grindhouse Fabric

One of our favorites of the bunch. The details in this Star Wars fabric are incredible.
Star Wars Fabric

Are cassette tapes nerdy? Not really, but this fabric is still cool.
Cassette Fabric

Love this ST Enterprise fabric for pillows.
Star Trek Enterprise Fabric

Another perfect example of subtle geek fabric. If you aren’t a Legend of Zelda fan, this just looks like a classic medallion print.
Zelda Fabric

8-Bit Robots in Love!
8-bit Robot Fabric

Cthulhu Damask fabric, in an excellent color combo. I could see this on a chair or shower curtain.
Cthulhu Damask Fabric

Classic movie monsters.
Classic Monster Fabric

Pacman-esque ghost fabric.
Pacman Fabric

Black and white Superman comic book fabric.
Superman Fabric

Wood grain fabric!
Wood Grain Fabric

I love this Portal Companion Cube fabric. Maybe for a duvet cover?
Portal Fabric

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7 Responses to 19 Awesomely Nerdy Fabrics

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  5. Pilar G. says:

    Hi. I love those fabrics!!! Where did you got those? I just can’t find any fabric store near me that carries them.

  6. wonderface says:

    I love them all! Camelot Cottons has done a TNG line – check out their website, they’re really fun!

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