Our Nerd Halloween (DIY Geek Halloween!)

Geeky Halloween Decorations

We weren’t able to do quite as much Halloween decorating as we had hoped for, but here’s a quick Halloween House Tour of our geeky Halloween decorations. From 8-bit & horror movie pumpkins to a Dexter inspired tablescape and Batman garlands. And a big thanks to the awesome bloggers who are partaking in this tour with us! 

We’ll be posting tutorials for some of these projects over the next few days (just in time for Halloween!), so stay tuned for those. Also – warning, TONS of pics in this post, so it may need a minute to load.

DIY Geeky Halloween Decorations

This is our living room wall. We made the easy 8-bit pumpkin using the exact same technique we used for our 8-bit fire. Our DIY cross stitched skull is not cross stitched at all, and is just Sharpie marker X’s on blank canvas. The Batman garland is cut out of poster board, inspired by this project (we used the same template on our DIY Batman pillow).

To fill some of the smaller frames and add more color, we framed pages from comic books. Yes, Hellraiser.

DIY Geeky Home Decorations

We made a second Batman garland, for the opposite living room wall, which is otherwise blank.

DIY Batman Garland

The 3D skull art is a Target dollar spot black glitter skull, cut in half . The “frame” around it is a dollar store placemat, with the center cut out.

DIY 3D Skull Art

On to the dining room…

Geeky Halloween Decor

Our dining table decorations include a plastic drop cloth (inspired by Dexter), which we splattered red paint on with a paint brush. The twig bouquet is just branches from our backyard, spray painted black. The black and red vases and candle holders all came from the dollar store.

DIY Blood splatter tablecloth

The dining room chandelier was already there, we just draped beads from it (red plastic holiday garland, spray painted black), to give it a more gothic feel.

DIY Goth Chandelier

Here’s a close-up of the beads. We purposely tried to keep some of the red showing through:

DIY Chandelier beads

And yes, that’s a MASSIVE wall-sized Han Solo mural on our dining room wall. But we’ll save him for another post. 🙂

Han Solo Wall Mural

In the background you’ll see our old DIY Death Star globe. We also have another black spray paint branch back there, along with a big black owl we’ve been dragging around for years.

DIY Geeky Home Decor

Our easiest geek Halloween DIY is our pumpkin – which is wearing a Friday the 13th inspired mask. We picked up this hockey mask from a dollar store (it was pink, for some reason), painted it white, and splattered red paint over that. Done.

Horror Movie Halloween Decorations

We also stabbed a cheap plastic knife from the dollar store into the pumpkin next to “Jason”, and added some dripping red paint.

Horror Movie Halloween Decorations

And while we’re outside, take a look at our front door. It’s Boo! Aka a Boo Buddy, from Super Mario Bros. The original Weeping Angel?

DIY Geeky Halloween Decorations

He’s basically made just like our DIY fandom wreath.

Nintendo Boo Geeky Home Decor

Anyway, that’s it for Our Nerd Halloween tour. Want more Halloween? Check out the tours from these very cool bloggers, as part of our group Halloween House Tours!

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  1. Gretchen@BoxyColonial says

    Everything looks great! And Batman=bats=obvious Halloween decor! I’m not sure how I’ve never made this connection before!

    • says

      Thank you! Our favorite part about the bats is that our non-geek friends don’t even realize it’s a bunch of Batman logo’s – they just think it’s a string of bats.

  2. says

    The pumpkins are my favorite thing ever, and I love the “cross stitch” skull. I came to you through Stephaine’s blog, and I’m excited to check out more of your nerd home!


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