Geeky Home Decor for Non-DIY’ers (Bonus – Nothing Over $75!)

We are obviously big believers in DIY projects – both for the satisfaction of it and because we hate spending money. There are, however, some things that we just can’t make ourselves (sad face), plus we know that not everyone is into getting messy and spending their weekends with a paintbrush and a sanding block. For that, here’s a roundup of some of our favorite geeky home decor, to buy instead of DIY.Continue Reading…

Beautiful (and geeky!) Art Prints by Artist Andrew Heath

Geek Home Decor - Andrew Heath Art Prints
A couple of weeks ago we posted about artist Juan Ortiz and his gorgeous Star Trek art prints. Today we want to share the work of the incredibly talented Andrew Heath.

We ran across his Etsy shop this weekend (while searching for Robocop prints), and though we’ve never met him, somehow he must be reading the wishlist in our minds. He has a beautiful rendition of everything from Robocop, Breaking Bad, and Arrested Development to Legend of Zelda, Masters of the Universe, Temple of Doom, Army of Darkness, and Batman (and tons more).Continue Reading…

Labyrinth door knocker!

DIY Labyrinth Door Knocker

Check out this awesome DIY Labyrinth door knocker, posted on Craftster! It was made by the very talented CHughes (take a look at her Pinterest for tons of geek crafts that she has made).

This is definitely on our to-do list now, since we are in need of a door knocker. It is made from a wood block, polymer clay, aluminum foil, and paint.