Happy 1-Monthiversary to us! Plus we joined Pinterest.

Geek Home Decor on Pinterest

We just realized that our 1-month-anniversary was a few days ago, and wanted to thank everyone (especially our regular visitors) for their continued support. We assumed that only our 10 closest geek friends would stop by, so we were incredibly surprised to find that thousands of other geek-home-decor lovers found us so quickly.

In the coming weeks we will be featuring a really cool DIY headboard, a DIY geek-fabric sleeping bag (Winter is Coming!), our “why didn’t we do this three years ago?” LP display shelves, some easy DIY throw pillows, a baroque style LEGO mini-figure display, our backyard dining-room, and a few furniture re-do’s that we have been working on (including 2 Gunlocke mid century chairs that we found in the trash! The trash! – and a complete restore on a mid century modern dresser). Plus we will continue sharing posts featuring nerd art prints, more geek fabric (that post was one of our most popular!), geek home decor under $20, and other people’s fantastic home projects.

If you run across any amazing geekery, feel free to email tips to us at info@ournerdhome.com. Also, to celebrate our cakeday, we joined Pinterest!

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Artist Creates a Retro Movie-style Poster for EVERY Episode of Star Trek TOS

Juan Ortiz Star Trek Art Prints

We were already big fans of artist Juan Ortiz, and his vintage-style Star Trek art prints. Well, apparently he has created a unique movie-poster-esque print for EVERY EPISODE of Star Trek: The Original Series. 80 prints. Better yet? You can get a 10″x14″ hardcover book containing every print, for $25.

We originally wanted this as a coffee table book, but now I’m thinking we might use a bunch of the prints for the gallery wall we’re planning. Either way, a great buy for nerds!Continue Reading…

Weirdly Accurate Portal 2 Test Chamber Diorama… made of LEGOs!

Portal 2 Lego Diorama Model

We are HUGE Portal fans. They are two of the more frequently re-played and referenced games in our household. Also, it’s no secret that we have an almost out of control LEGO obsession. It sort of seems like this Portal 2 LEGO test chamber model was made for us… Click here for more detailed pics, from Flickr user eldeeem’s photostream.Continue Reading…