Would you live on the Star Trek Enterprise?

Star Trek Home Theater

The answer is yes, you would. Or at least that’s our answer. To clarify – would you decorate your home to look like the Enterprise? (or the TARDIS? Batcave? Aperture Science?)

As much as we love geek decor, we do try to keep it kinda somewhat subtle. Says the couple with the 8-bit Fireplace and Legend of Zelda headboard. Emphasis is on TRY to keep it subtle. The main contradiction to that is the time that we had a Flash Gordon/Star Trek Voyager “Captain Proton”-inspired spaceship film set in our old apartment guest bedroom for a few weeks. Ahh, the old guest bedroom spaceship.

Every once in awhile, a homeowner pops up in the news for fully transforming their home (or at least a large part of their home) into a replica of a sci-fi movie/TV set. I’m sure a lot of you saw the news last month about an awesomely geeky Canadian social worker who spent $30k to transform her basement into sections of the original Enterprise – including portions of the bridge, transporter room, and even Spock’s quarters. Here’s a peek:

Star Trek Home

Before that, a British Trekkie turned his entire small apartment into an homage to Voyager. If you saw the film Trekkies 2, you know what I’m talking about:

Star Trek Home

Here in the US, a Colorado builder (he notes that he is a hobbyist, not a Trekkie) spent 4 years turning his home into a sci-fi fantasy of epic proportions. There are a ton more photos on his Flickr page:

Star Trek Home

What do you think about this level of geek decor? Personally, we love seeing people throw “standard decor” to the wind and follow their passions, if it fits in with their lifestyle. Would we do it in our own home? No. We love our thrifted midcentury furniture collection too much, plus we occasionally host business meetings at our home. But if we had extra space in a basement or garage, I could definitely see us doing something like this on a smaller/cheaper scale as a home theatre or gaming space (I refuse to say the word “mancave”).

Speaking of geeky home theaters, the photo at the very top of this post is from a Star Trek themed home theater, which includes motion activated doors, a red alert system, and that Star Trek themed bar. YES. I would also include dabo and dom-jot tables.

What about you? Is there a BSG room in your future? Maybe a Hobbit-themed home? Bioshock’s Rapture? Hmm… actually Rapture would be beautiful if you clean up all of the splicers… ideas forming…


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    I admire folks who have that kind of passion for their subject, but my personal passions are too broad to go that far on a single theme. (I say that as my basement is slowly being taken over by female action figures.)

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      Good point. I suppose even if we started out with the intention of a Star Trek media room/game room, it would get so filled with other geeky stuff that the whole point would be lost.

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    I agree with Wendy’s comment. I wouldn’t be able to choose just ONE fandom space to decorate with! Also, it seems like a lot of money go into these things.. And for it to be so permanent? I just don’t know! With that said, I would love something Doctor Who themed.. The inside of 8th’s TARDIS was pretty rad. A Harry Potter/Hogwarts room or home would be nice too!

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      Yes, the money spent on some of these rooms is intense! I wouldn’t spend more than a couple of hundred, and just DIY everything. Then if I change my mind it won’t be a big loss. But hey, at least they’re passionate about something cool and not buying gold-plated toilets or something. 🙂

      (The 8th’s TARDIS was the best!)

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    Mr. Dude is desperate to transform his “mancave” [and yes, we’re using that term freely over here] into the bar from Tron. Blue and Orange Neon Lights. EVERYWHERE. His computer is already a clear acrylic case with blue neon lights shining through … perhaps he just likes acrylic?

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    We see nothing wrong with adoring that psychedelic eye-candy of a movie. Now if we could only trick our cars to look like the light runner from the film… 😉
    Please send us pics of the finished Troncave!

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    Maybe I’m lucky in that my passions are broad, but I can apply just one to my living space.

    The Legend of Zelda.

    I found your blog as I was looking for a nice Hylian inspired rug for my living space, which is slowly, slowly,being transported into Twilight Era Hyrule.

    So, posts like this really give me a great kick! 🙂

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