17 Ways to Star Trek Your Kitchen

Geek Home Decor: Star Trek KitchenConfession: I (Kat) am a costume-making convention-going lifelong Trekkie (please don’t say Trekker. That sounds like a hipster Trekkie). But who says that my Star Trek devotion has to stop at the convention hall and blu-ray binge watching? Here are 17 ways to make your kitchen boldly go; from the subtle (“Tea. Earl Grey. Hot” in your cupboard) to the “lookitme lookitme!” (Spock oven mitt with Star Trek apron).

*prices and availability are subject to change

(Clockwise from upper left)
Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener ($20)
Borg Cube Wine Stopper ($20)
Star Trek Cookbook ($15)
Star Trek Enterprise Spatula. Yes, spatula. ($25)
Heat Activated Klingon Mug ($15)
Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter ($30)
Star Trek Rocks Glasses ($45)
Spock Oven Mitt ($15)
Star Trek Unisex Aprons ($25)

We have most of the above, and I think our favorites are the rocks glasses (perfect OJ glasses in the morning, if jack & coke isn’t your thing) and the pizza cutter (which is HUGE, beautiful, and awesome).

Geek Home Decor: Star Trek KitchenStar Trek Enterprise Mug, for your Tea, Earl Grey, Hot. ($10)
Speaking of: Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. ($15)
Fancy-pants Star Trek Apron. ($85)
Star Trek Art Print Shot Glasses ($18)
Enterprise/Klingon Battlecruiser Salt & Pepper Shaker Set ($15)

The shot glasses are based on the art of Juan Ortiz, which we featured in this post (he made a different movie-style poster for every episode of Star Trek TOS).

Nerd Home Decor: Star Trek Kitchen Star Trek Wine Glasses. Classin’ it up. ($40)
Star Trek Titanium Spork (Or fpoon, if you prefer) ($23)
Star Trek Plastic Tumblers ($10)

Now you can imagine you have your very own Ten Forward in your house.

What do you guys think? Any other trek-lovers here? We have some DIY Star Trek home decor /gift projects coming up, so keep an eye out for those!


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      I think he’ll love it! It’s much better quality than it should be (heavy, glistening shiny, solid). It actually took us months to use it for the first time, because I didn’t want to take it out of the box and mess it up, haha.


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