Make Something for Star Wars Day (Star Wars DIY Projects)

DIY Star Wars Craft Projects

Tomorrow is Star Wars Day (May the Fourth). If you’re looking for some Star Wars DIY projects to make for the weekend, here you go!

We’ve featured a few Star Wars themed projects over the past few months. Most of them can be done over the course of the weekend (some just take a couple of hours).

We’ll start with the first geek DIY project we featured on the site! Our DIY Han Solo in Carbonite cabinet pulls/drawer knobs. We still have these on our cupboards, and they’re still going strong. You can see full instructions and lots more pics here. They’ll take you less than an hour to make, and cost under $10. If you aren’t in the market for new cabinet pulls, glue a magnet to the back with some E600 and stick ’em on your fridge.

Geek DIY: Han Solo in Carbonite

Next up is the DIY disco ball Death Star. This guy will take a few hours of gluing, but it’s worth it. Styrofoam ball + square sequins + glue is all you need. Instructions and pics here.

Geeky Home Decor / Nerd Crafts - DIY Death Star Disco Ball

Speaking of Death Star’s (not a phrase we get to say often enough). If a disco ball isn’t your thing, here’s a simple painted DIY Death Star globe. Just some paint, Sharpie markers, and a thrift store globe.

Geek Home Decor: Star Wars Death Star Globe DIY

If you really want to go all out this Star Wars Day… make yourself a DIY Wampa head, and mount that sucker on your wall. Because there just isn’t enough Star Wars taxidermy out there. Full instructions/photos here.

Star Wars Geek Decor: DIY Wampa Head

If that’s not enough Star Wars, you could make some DIY Geek Pillows, but swap out the Legend of Zelda and Batman stencils for a Star Wars logo and Rebel/Imperial emblems – or do the same on a DIY Geek Welcome Mat (just go Star Wars instead of Star Trek – which we heavily debated 😉 ).

Some of our favorite blogs have great Star Wars projects as well –

Like this so-adorable-it-almost-hurts DIY Ewok cushion from Tea and Craft. If you look at the rest of the photos, you’ll see how perfectly this works as a couch throw pillow.

DIY Star Wars Ewok Cushion

Then there’s this $1 fleece Yoda hat, from Dollar Store Crafts. I mean… it costs a dollar. And it’s Yoda. And it’s simple and awesome and I don’t care that I’m an adult I still want to wear it.

DIY Star Wars Yoda Hat

And I kind of want to learn how to embroider, stat, so that we can put these Star Wars embroidery patterns from Wild Olive to use:

DIY Star Wars Embroidery Patterns

Do you have any Star Wars activities in mind for the weekend? We’re thinking about having a little barbecue (it’s 90 degrees in LA!) and throwing the trilogy (there’s only one, if you ask us) on TV with some friends. Oh! And we just picked up this Star Wars Origami book, so might work on a few of those.

Star Wars Origami Book


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    I will be making all of these at some point in my life. They are brilliant! That origami book is going on my wish list right this second.

    We’re watching all the films this weekend with Star Wars themed food and snacks.

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