DIY Star Wars Stand Mixer (Other People’s Nerd Homes)

Star Wars Kitchen Mixer

Want to geek up your kitchen? Check out this awesome DIY Star Wars stand mixer. This made us suddenly want a stand mixer… you know, for all of the never-cooking we do. Because, someday.

This project was made by the very crafty Kim over at her blog The Kim Six Fix. Not just a geek girl, if you poke around her blog you’ll also learn how to put bead board on your ceiling, tile a wall, make a Mary Poppins costume, and tons of other fun/handy things. Variety, we like it.


Here’s a detailed how-to on the Star Wars stand mixer, which you can customize with any phrases or pictures you’d like. Maybe “I mix you. I know”?

If Stars Wars isn’t your thing (gasp!), we previously had a post on some fun Star TREK geek-stuffs for your kitchen. Here in our nerd household, we each love both Trek & Wars, BUT we are a house divided when it comes to which one we actually think is superior. Of course any time Star Trek is discussed it then goes down the slippery debate slope of which series is best? Then, which Captain? Which ship? Which alien race?….etc etc. 


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    This is brilliant! I wanted the teal mixer (you know, for the house I’ve yet to buy, but TOTALLY decorated on Pinterest).
    But after seeing this, I think I might get a blue one and make T.A.R.D.I.S. inspired!

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