Can nerdy obsessions meet good design?

Can a large collection of action figures, dozens of LEGO sets, a handmade Tardis, stacks and stacks of comic books, a full size Bat’leth, and a giant wall mounted Andúril replica (just to name a few things) somehow NOT make your house look like a messy, cluttered toy store? That’s the dilemma we faced while moving out of our old apartment and into our first house together. As much as we love to proudly wave our nerd flag, we also wanted to finally start incorporating our love and admiration for good design and vintage home decor into our real lives. This meant ditching the sagging IKEA shelves (which didn’t even match) and pretty much every other piece of furniture from our apartment, and starting over from scratch. Our budget was/is tight, so ever since that decision was made our days have been spent scouring flea markets, Craigslist, and thrift stores to find, build, and renovate our way into our ideal first place. Yep, our nerd home (hey! That’s the name of this blog!).

In the posts that follow, we will be showcasing tips on how to blend your geek culture favorites into your home decor. We hope that you like our blog (just like our home, it’s our first!), and will stick with us on this adventure. Allons-y!