Weekend Walking Dead DIY Projects!

DIY The Walking Dead crafts  DIY Walking Dead Party Crafts

It’s the weekend before Halloween, the day before another episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, AND The Walking Dead Vol. 19 comes out in a couple of weeks. No better time than now to do some Walking Dead DIY projects!

I’ve read The Walking Dead since single issue No.1 (in 2003! Crazy it’s been that long), and it immediately became one of my must-reads – back then I was stuck in a constant waiting game for new Walking Dead and Y: The Last Man trades (if you haven’t read Y: The Last Man, DO. Seriously). I will admit that the TV version of WD is… well, if I were a mom I can assume this is what they feel like when they say “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed”. But we watch it every week anyway, and are VERY pleased that it seems to finally be getting better.

We used to do a Breaking Bad (RIP, sniffle sniffle) viewing-party every Sunday. Now that the best show on TV is gone (again, sniffle), we’ve switched over to Walking Dead gatherings. If any of you other zombie lovers out there do the same thing, here are a few easy DIY projects for you!

DIY Walking Dead Party Ideas

This first one is from us, inspired by our crazy-easy Han Solo drawer pulls / cabinet knobs. We picked up the official Walking Dead silicone ice cube tray, filled it with Sculpey clay, stuck a magnet in the back, carefully removed the clay from the mold, and baked it according to clay instructions (see the Han Solo post for more details).

DIY Walking Dead Party

After they were baked and dried, we painted them with acrylic craft paint. We baked a bunch of extra zombies, so that when our friends are here they can paint their own however they would like (Zombie clown? Zombie in a tux? Zombie Superman?).

While looking for other Walking Dead or zombie themed easy projects, we ran across tons of cool ideas. Here are a few of our favorites:

DIY Zombie Shirt - Zombie Crafts  Walking Dead Cookies - Zombie Party Ideas DIY Zombie crafts

DIY Zombie shirt from Tried & True. Love the bold, graphic design.

Zombie Gingerdead cookies from Freakingcraft.

DIY black ooze wine glasses by Linden & Lace.

Zombie Party Ideas - Zombie Food   Zombie Pumpkin

Zombie-eyes deviled eggs. I have a weakness for deviled eggs, and don’t even care that these are green.

Zombie jack o lantern pumpkin!

DIY Walking Dead Coasters - Zombie Crafts  DIY Zombie party ideas

Badass Walking Dead coasters, from Multipotentially Me. Need these.

And if you’re power tool hand is feeling a a little twitchy, how about these DIY yard zombies?

If any of you have favorite zombie projects, we would love to hear about them!

What do you think?